Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Today Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st March 2017 Written Update Episode.
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The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira smiling. Pandit asks them to sit in mandap. Naitik looks on. Baisa says our pandit will do some rituals. Suwarna says our pandit will also do some rituals. Devyaani says its good, all rituals can be done. Both pandits guide Kartik and Naira for the rituals. Vishwamber says I did not know when our life passed, since our marriage to Akshara’s marriage and now Naira’s marriage. He says we don’t feel when we get habitual to pain. She says be it any times, daughter’s bidaai makes parents cry.

Manish asks Suwarna does she remember. She says everything about Kirti’s marriage. Naksh says I have much work. Gayu asks him to decide about stealing shoes. Naksh says you manage. Kirti and Mansi plan that Gayu should not get shoes. Gayu and

Naksh ask Mishti to have an idea. Lav and Kush see Mishti. Mishti asks Lav and Kush about shoes. They say Kirti has taken shoes. She thanks them and goes. Lav says we told everything to Mishti. Kush says we will lose now.

Gayu says I get angry hearing low fat juice. Mishti says shoes are in palace. Naksh asks is this true, and runs. Naira says don’t know they got shoes or not. Kartik says have focus here, don’t go and help them, this ritual is more imp. They argue. Kirti looks for Aditya. She hides shoes in flowers basket and goes. Naksh sees her and takes shoes. She says this is cheating. He runs. She runs after him saying I have right on my brother’s shoes. He says just girl’s family has rights on it. He asks her to take shoes and holds high. She hides shoes with her. Aditya sees them. She says well tried, but failed. Naksh goes.

Aditya throws a glass down. She gets shocked. Surekha asks what was this sound. Mansi asks did anything break. Kirti says don’t know. Surekha asks her to come. Naitik recalls Naira and gets sad. Manish asks Kirti about Aditya. Aditya comes.

Both pandits argue. Kartik says our pandits also fought in puja. Baisa and Dadi argue over their pandits. Manish asks why are you all smiling. Bau ji says this happened before also. Devyaani says its good, it means Naira and Kartik’s jodi will be loving as Naitik and Akshara. Akhilesh asks who will decide about this fight. Dadi asks them to make their pandit apologize to their pandit. Naira asks shall I say something. She says I don’t know meaning of mantra, I know it was incomplete, I heard it in Rishikesh many times. Pandit says I thought to lessen mantras as people hurry for marriage. Dadi worries. Bhabhimaa says they accepted their mistake, so let them do this marriage. Vishwamber says yes, let the pandits continue. Kartik requests Dadi.

Dadi nods. Pandit argues. Kartik signs Naira. They ask pandits not to do their marriage, we will have mantras on internet. Kartik says we can have good music in background and no need to give Dakshina also, groom and bride are necessary, not pandit. Bith pandits agree for doing marriage. Naira requests Dadi to make them take promises, no one understands this better than you. They all ask Dadi to do it. Dadi says we all will explain them meaning of every promise. Naksh says mumma says right, everything gets fine after some problem. Naira smiles. Mishti says what about shoes. Naksh says it means Naira will steal shoes in her own marriage. Gayu says I did not say that. Naksh sees Aditya staring at Kirti, and Kirti getting sad.

He sees Aditya and Kirti gone. Manish asks where did they go. Surekha says maybe they went to hide shoes. Manish says why did Kirti involve Aditya. Pandit asks Naira’s parents to do kanyadaan. Everyone get sad. Kartik holds Naira’s hand. Naira cries. Akhilesh signs Mansi. Dadi says you would have decided between grandparents. Naira says Papa…. my Papa will do my kanyadaan. Dadi says kanyadaan is done by husband and wife. Naira says husband and wife will do together, like Lord is not seen and can be just felt, by devotion and belief, same way we will believe mumma is with us, in Papa’s heart and our memories. She asks Dadi to understand Naitik’s wish, how can we snatch his rights. Everyone cry.

Naira says when mumma’s feelings and Papa’s blessings are with me, its enough for me. Kartik asks Dadi to understand Naira, you won’t feel anything wrong. Akhilesh and Suwarna ask Dadi to agree. Dadi says fine. Naitik gets emotional and does Naira’s kanyadaan. He gives her hand in Kartik’s hand. Yeh rishta …..plays………. Naira cries. Naitik gives kerchief to Kartik. Kartik wipes her tears. Naitik thinks Akshara, I gave our princess to her prince, she is going away from us.

Kartik and Naira take wedding rounds. He fills sindoor in her maang.

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