Yeh Rishta Ka Pyaari Couple – Kaira Ka Story (Episode 20)

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Both the couples finish packing off. The plan is that Keesh will leave Singhania Mansion at first and reach Goenka Villa. Then both, Keesh and Kaira will leave for the airport from there.

*Naksh*: I love you.

*Kirti*: Me too. But don’t run out of romantic sense. You will need it there.

*Naksh*: How can I be not be romantic when you’re around dear?

And wraps his arms around Kirti.

*Kirti*: Stop it. We should leave now.

*Naksh*: Nahhhhhhh


He releases Kirti and runs downstairs. She smiles. She takes he handbag and follows by.

*Kirti*: Bless us Maa.

And they take blessings from all the elders.

Akshara senses something bad. But she ignores it.

*Akshara*: I will kill you if you don’t take good care of your patni and behen.

*Naksh*: Teek hain Mumma

And makes face like a little kid.
Akshara smiles. They bid goodbye.

Goenka Villa

Meanwhile Naira and Kartik finishes packing and goes downstairs after kissing each other.

They smile and walk along the stairs holding their hands tightly.

*Kaira*: “I love you”.

Dadi smiles looking at their perfect pair. She blesses them. Keesh arrive.

*Kirti*: Papa…

And hugs Manish.

The both the couples take blessings from everyone. They bid goodbye and leave for the airport.
Both take the same car.

*Naira*: Are we going on The United Airlines?

*Kartik*: Yah. What’s wrong?

*Naira*: No it’s just they don’t throw you two men off stating that the flight is overbooked like they did with the American doctor.

Kartik is embarrassed. Kirti laughs.

*Naksh*: Shut up, huh? Talk something…

*Kirti*: Something …

*Naksh*: Nevermind.

They reach the airport. Kartik asks Keesh to go further as Naira says she is hungry.

*Kartik*: You guys go and wait at the lounge. I will get something to eat.

*Naksh*: But Kartik, you will get everything at lounge. So why here?

*Kartik*: Yah ok.

*Naira*: You should buy me whatever I ask you.

*Naksh*: It is just that you’re not fat. Please for God’s sake, can you please shut up?

*Naira*: Mhmh… Don’t talk too much. Remember I am Naira.

*Naksh*: So?

*Kartik and Kirti*: Please stop your fight. You guys are far worse than us.

And they have a hearty laugh.

_The End_

Precap:Naira and Kirti’s shocking decision for Kartik and Naksh at the Flight.

Yeh Rishta Ka Pyaari Couple – Kaira Ka Story (Episode 20) .

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