Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

SONY TV Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 27th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Aru carries a water melon and involves Dharamshala. Mukhi comes from at the back of. Aru involves argue him to name her via her identify, Mishri laughs if she is making an attempt to win him in a controversy. Aru gives him the watermelon, there will have to be a large number of watermelon in his village for sure. Mukhi says his village is a long way from water frame, however rejects to have off season fruit. Aru says she loves off season rains. They take seat, Aru asks Mukhi what sort of woman he needs, will have to she be truthful, darkish, fats, narrow, heighted and so on. Mukhi tells Aru if the load of flour isn’t balanced, a bread is uneatable. It’s the internal self that makes folks value dwelling, we make our inside aspect as just right or dangerous; how can she pass judgement on the internal self of an individual as it could actually’t be judged even in years. Aru used to be left open mouthed, and tells Mishri

he’s value striking in a museum. Mishri stocks with Aru that Mukhi doesn’t need to marry any person within the village, he feels is the Mukhi and doesn’t need to deter somebody marry their daughter to him. Aru used to be inspired. Mishri tells Aru she will have to make him marry him quickly. Aru assures Mishri she would discover a woman for her, Mishri narrates an entire listing which places Aru in surprise. Aru takes a depart gazing Mukhi gargle in a nook, and used to be disappointed she wouldn’t have the ability to do. She closes her eyes and greenbacks her ethical up pronouncing she would definitely do that, as she will do anything else.
Mishri brings meals within the room, Mukhi had unfold the sheet over the ground. Mishri asks why he left the desk, and asks why Aru used to be disturbed about her record. She boasts that any one would have married him within the village as he’s a minimum of Shahrukh Khan. She want everybody within the village additionally knew about this, Raman additionally needs him married quickly.
There, Raman involves police station in veil, the inspector sends everybody away and welcomes her inside of. He tells Raman about all of the arrangements, Raman warns him to stay it a secret handiest. He says nobody would uncover when she hasn’t come right here.
Raman hears a person in lockup pronouncing nobody bear in mind his identify after 14 years, its best Raman who doesn’t fail to remember him. Raman says some other folks’s love prices us closely, it assists in keeping on pricking us endlessly. She forwards her sindoor field, the person fills her hair line. Her telephone bell rings, she watches used to be curt over the ringing and rejects the decision. Later, she calls Mukhi and assures him the whole thing is ok right here. Mukhi stocks he’s disenchanted handiest as a result of Mishri’s wedding ceremony. Raman tells him she despatched a necklace through palms of Arjun, he will have to take it from him and get the design remake for Mishri. Mukhi used to be apprehensive about Arjun’s arrival and forbids her inform Aru to not come right here. He asks her quantity to forbid her by way of himself.
Aru receives a decision from Kaki who narrates her an inventory of grocery. Aru says she has no cash, Kaki blackmails her to provide the listing to her Papa. Aru used to be dissatisfied. She now will get a Mukhi’s name and tells Mukhi it takes a large number of time in fit making, it’s now not that straightforward. Mukhi asks what she eats for breakfast, and requests her to return after 6 pm.
Mukhi calls Arjun however Arjun had reached Dharamshala already. Arjun tells Mukhi he didn’t depart these days, he would most effective keep for an afternoon over right here and depart day after today morning. Mukhi is going to discuss the room. Arjun says his keep has already been organized. Mukhi calls Aru once more.
Aru used to be in auto now, her telephone is going unattended. Arjun involves Mukhi providing his telephone. Mukhi takes him apart and appears against the door, then will get seated with Arjun. Arjun asks Mukhi if they have got finished the purchasing for Mishri’s wedding ceremony. Mukhi used to be regularly taking a look out of doors. Arjun tells Mukhi he’s staying at a relative’s position. Mukhi issues against Mishri that a large number of other folks come right here, and insists on Arjun to go away now, its getting past due. Arjun heads to go away and hits Aru at the door out of doors. Arjun holds her information and will get an opportunity to talk to her. Mukhi used to be nervous what if his village discovers he’s marrying.

PRECAP: Mukhi and Mishri meet a circle of relatives, the lads ask Mukhi why he didn’t marry until now or is he married within the village alredy.

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