Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sony TV Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 27th April 2017 Written Update Episode.

Mukhi takes his turban off all through the Panchait. The villagers stand out of fear. He involves take blessings from all elders there. An previous woman asks Mukhi what’s in his center that he’s taking blessings from everybody. Mukhi says he has all the time taken each and every choice after informing them, however he didn’t tell them about what he’s going to do these days; however made a promise. He broadcasts he’s getting married. Mishri, Aru and Dharmi cheer. Mukhi joins his arms to them and invitations them to his wedding ceremony. The previous males there cheerfully dance pronouncing this permission wasn’t wanted, they have been excited to rejoice his marriage smartly. Kaka and some other guy there talk about if he would marry at such an previous age.
At house, the women show their pleasure to Jamuna and gives their lend a hand on every occasion wanted. Mukhi

comes to name Jamuna out of doors. Jamuna says the ladies from entire of the village are right here for lend a hand. Mukhi asks what in the event that they do that wedding ceremony within the temple, Jamuna insists to perform all of the rituals. Mukhi declares the marriage can be easy. Jamuna says she is going to carry out each and every of the ritual in order that she will get time to damage his marriage.
In the visitor space Aru used to be excited to inform her oldsters about Mukhi’s permission. Dharmi used to be sending the photographs to Anshu. Uma comes there to take them their position pronouncing it doesn’t go well with them to stick right here. Aru used to be reluctant as a result of Arjun. Arjun is available in by himself and insists on them to return alongside him.
At Uma’s position, Arjun introduces Sanvi as his sister. He says no matter came about to her used to be as a result of he wasn’t within the village then. Kaka comes downstairs pronouncing he did this. Arjun interrupts Kaka and warns him to not talk towards someone right here. Kaka obviously tells Aru’s circle of relatives he’s by contrast marriage, nonetheless they’re welcome as a result of Arjun and Uma introduced them right here. Arjun says it will proceed between Mukhi and his father, they shouldn’t fear about it.
Mastana comes to tell Mukhi he couldn’t in finding Chammo. Mukhi asks about Jamuna.
Jamuna brings bangles to Dharmi. She asks about Uma and Sanvi. Aru asks if Mukhi would nonetheless want an approval from Panchait about it. Jamuna asks who informed her. Aru says she went there, Jamuna asks if she didn’t know outsiders can’t move to Panchait. She asks what Mukhi did in Panchait, he got here house in reality dissatisfied. He feels a couple of folks within the village aren’t satisfied as a result of this marriage. She says Mukhi stated if it used to be in his palms he will have to by no means have married, however he has promised and will have to marry now. Aru used to be at a loss for words, whilst her circle of relatives used to be dissatisfied. Jamuna says she advised Mukhi obviously that she gained’t let him wreck this wedding ceremony, Mukhi advised her to complete all of the rituals inside of two or 3 days, then he would marry with simplicity. Papa used to be in a position for a easy wedding ceremony however Aru items that there will have to be celebrations. Jamuna asks Dharmi if she needs a celebrated wedding ceremony. Dharmi nods. She says she would inform Mukhi about her want, the primary ritual of wedding ceremony would happen the next day to come morning. Jamuna used to be in a position to insult their circle of relatives the next day. Papa says there will have to be a false impression, Mukhi would by no means convey any shame to their circle of relatives. Aru watches the time and makes a decision to visit Chammo, then talk over with Mukhi as smartly.
Mukhi stalks Aru around the village. A person involves indulge him together with his talks, he turns round to seek out Aru had left. Mukhi spots Aru calling somebody in a hut. As quickly as Mukhi enters she locks the hut. Aru hints that he’s doing them a prefer by marrying her sister. Mukhi wonders if Jamuna mentioned with them that he needs a easy marriage.

PRECAP: Jamuna tells Aru’s circle of relatives that Mukhi doesn’t consider in rituals, each and every ritual will probably be with out him. Aru promises he would come, she asks for just a little time from them.

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