Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sony TV Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 25th April 2017 Written Update Episode.

On the best way, Mishri tells Aru that her circle of relatives is in point of fact satisfied to listen to about Mukhi’s wedding ceremony. She tells Aru to get in a position. Aru calls for Mishri to prepare for a tub first. Mishri takes her inside of pronouncing most effective this space has a hand pump. Aru used to be surprised to peer the massive space, Mishri boasts it’s the largest space in 20 within reach villages, the home of her brother.
Jamuna used to be made up our minds to not let the Grahpravesh happen that can exchange the destiny of Mukhi’s lifestyles and be his defend.
Aru used to be concerning the input the home, she hits a can full of rice and jumps over Rangoli, her foot used to be coloured read. She gets rid of the colour together with her hand, the marks have been left over the door.
Jamuna used to be now not in a position to take relaxation till the woman leaves with out marrying Mukhi.
Aru spots a hand pump and strikes

against her. Her foot marks left at the back of.
Kaka asks Jamuna what she is set to do. Jamuna says one thing is occurring in her thoughts, she would percentage if she wishes lend a hand.
Aru used to be washing herself, she hears Mukhi coming with Mastana indignant how he may just lose his kid. Aru used to be surprised to listen to this and used to be dissatisfied about her sister’s proposal with him. She involves Mukhi and warns to document a case towards him. Mukhi seems to be against her and asks about her situation. Aru calls him a betrayer. Mukhi used to be apprehensive about his kid. Aru will get the phrase kid, and calls him married already. Mukhi says it’s about his kid, Chammo. Aru asks why he’s remarrying then. Mukhi says he didn’t marry, he clarifies he’s talking about Chammo – the blameless goat. Aru recalls the goat and closing it in a hut. She breaks into laughter, she tells Mukhi that Chammo isn’t actually small, isn’t blameless. Mukhi involves Aru and asks the place Chammo is. Aru asks him to push the hand pump as she washes herself. Mukhi many times asks her who abducted Chammo. Aru smiles she did it. She spots Mishri. Mishri used to be overjoyed about Aru’s temper exchange, Aru may just foresee just right occasions right here. Mukhi is going to drop Aru to Panchait Guest House.
Jamuna concurs to Baba about her mistaken doings, she did what to not flip her God-like brother to satan in other folks’s eyes. He snatched the whole thing from her. She sought after to undo his determination being a Mukhyani. Baba asks how she would do that, Mukhi’s defend could also be about right here. Jamuna asks him for a treatment. Baba says the woman’s identify begins with ‘H’. Jamuna says it’s Aru. Baba asks for her start chart.
On the best way, Mukhi tries to persuade Aru that it’s a kid. Aru says it makes one apprehensive. She tells Mukhi that Chammo is someplace round. Mukhi seems to be round for Chammo. A woman involves take Mukhi’s blessings for her kid. Mukhi blesses the kid and once more asks Aru about Chammo. Aru issues against a store, Mukhi seems round for Chammo once more. Aru laughs against him. The males there collect on the lookout for Chammo. Mukhi assures he would in finding Chammo and disperse them concerned about their paintings. Aru used to be inspired. Mukhi says Chammo is a kid, he has to sing a lullaby to Chammo. Aru makes a laugh of Mukhi and watches the visitor space. She assures Mukhi he would know about Chammo in the proper time. Mukhi used to be curt. Aru says she would possibly keep right here ceaselessly to tease him, however he isn’t as fortunate.
Jamuna involves Sanvi. Sanvi says Uma informed her concerning the visitors, she used to be making ready welcome thaal. Jamuna name callings Sanvi that Mukhi faced his village for his youth good friend. Mukhi comes from at the back of and asks if Jamuna were given to understand concerning the information, Jamuna smiles pronouncing she may just get to find out about it from somebody. Sanvi involves thank Mukhi however he interrupts. Later, Jamuna welcomes Aru and circle of relatives inside of. She introduces Krishan, her son and Kailash, her husband. Dharmi pictures the home desperate to make Anshu jealous.
Aru’s circle of relatives used to be served smartly. Jamuna proclaims it’s an enormous tournament, she invited her Swami ji for the marriage. Swami ji arrives then and there. Everyone stands to welcome her.

PRECAP: Swami broadcasts that Mukhi’s lifestyles is in peril as a result of this marriage. Jamuna cries in entrance of Mukhi, soliciting for him now not to try this marriage.

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