Woh Apna Sa 20th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Woh Apna Sa 20th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Scene 1
Jhanvi involves Adi’s place of business with plant life bouquet, Adi isn’t there, she places it on his desk, she says his temper shall be just right seeing plants after which his day shall be just right too. She asks peon if Adi got here? he says he’s going to come later. Jhanvi says flora need to set his temper proper, Jhanvi forgets her telephone on his desk and leaves.
Adi take a seat in automotive and appears at Ganpati idol Jhanvi talented him, she smiles. Sameer calls Adi and says you wish to have to sue corporate who tortured you for 2years? Adi says no, Sameer asks if he mentioned divorce together with his circle of relatives? Adi says Kaki is in poor health so i couldnt and that i need to know what Nisha is making plans, i dont need to speak about divorce to Kaka whilst Nisha is making plans some larger recreation, let me see what she is making plans.
Adi is available in workplace and unearths plants

on desk. Jhanvi is in her administrative center and doesnt in finding her telephone, she says i would possibly have forgot it in plants store, she borrow telephone from receptionist and calls her telephone. Adi takes name, Jhanvi says i do know you’re flower dealer, i forgot my telephone in your store, i’m coming to take it, dont attempt to scouse borrow it, Adi tries to mention one thing however she ends name. Jhanvi says i will have to inform Adi i’m going to pick out telephone.
Jhanvi involves Adi’s cabin and says how are you? i do know you feel seeing plants, Adi says you introduced them? Jhanvi says sure, i do know plants could make temper just right, she assists in keeping on praising plant life. Adi presentations her her telephone, he says i didnt scouse borrow your telephone, and that i hate flora, why did you convey them? Jhanvi says to make you commonplace. Adi says you assume it’s not that i am commonplace? take those plants away and dont convey them once more, Jhanvi takes plants and begins leaving however Adi presentations her telephone, she takes it and says thanks, she leaves. Adi is annoyed. Jhanvi says i’m so silly, candy plants cant have an effect on roasted folks like this. Adi sees one flower nonetheless on flooring, he is taking it and recollects flashback. Adi brings plants for Nisha, Nisha throws it away and says its my birthday and i’m sensible lady, it’s not that i am youngster, i would like diamond jewellery, take into accounts long run of our circle of relatives, you’re tremendous wealthy however your considering is like center elegance, flashback ends. Adi angrily seems at flower and throws it in trash bin.
Jhanvi says so what if plant life didnt paintings on him, he has deep rooted drawback so it is going to want forged plan to unravel it, there is not any hurt in stay making an attempt, i will be able to check out once more.
Kaki is operating in space. Nisha comes there and says did you are taking your medications? Kaki says i forgot it, Nisha says i knew it, you dont maintain your self, she is going to deliver her drugs.
Nisha’s mom involves her room and says you might have forged spell on Kaki, how is plan going? Nisha says its going just right, its just right that you simply got here, this night goes to important night time, Maa says you could have my bitterness. Maa asks what are those medications? Nisha says Kaki have BP and if i’ve to stay appearing that i deal with her then i’ve to stay her BP top so i’m giving her drugs to top her BP extra, Maa says you’re so just right, i pray that her BP is going over 300, Nisha says it’s going to pass upper as i’ve to fake to care for her.
Nisha brings top BP drugs and provides it to Kaki, Kaki takes considering its to decrease her top BP, Nisha smirks when Kaki takes it.
Jhanvi says to peon that why you give robust sour espresso to Adi? he will have to take candy tea so he’s going to be candy too, peon says i dont need to lose my process so i’m taking espresso which he likes. Jhanvi says inform me dialogues of Amitabh bachan, peon will get misplaced in telling discussion, Jhanvi stealthily exchanges Adi’s robust espresso together with her candy tea.
Peon provides tea to Adi, Adi beverages it and scolds peon pronouncing that you realize i love robust espresso, who made this candy tea for me? Peon says Jhanv will have to have executed it, Adi says convey my robust espresso and make contact with Jhanvi. Poen involves Jhanvi and says Adi is looking. Jhanv involves Adi’s place of business and thinks that he’s going to scold me about espresso, Adi says why you’re silent now? you dont communicate if you end up wanted. Peon brings robust espresso for Adi, Adi asks Jhanvi to drink it, Jhanvi says i dont drink espresso, Adi says then how do you are expecting me to drink tea? what is going to occur with me consuming tea? Jhanvi says i assumed you will have sour temper as a result of robust black espresso, Adi asks her to style his espresso, she does, Adi asks if her temper were given sour? she says no, Adi says modd doesnt exchange with espresso tast, it adjustments with issues happening in lifestyles, get that, Jhanvi nods timidly. Jhanvi mistakenly buprs, Adi seems at her surprised and cant stifle chuckle, he bemusedly smiles at her, Jhanvi smiles and thinks in spite of everything he smiled.
Nisha will get name from any person and says you’re coming proper? she ends name. She says Adi sought after to divorce me however i will be able to give him such surprise that your considering might be paralyzed.
Jhanvi calls Survi and says i do know i were given embarrassed for burping however atleast i were given to understand that Adi can smile, he gave me small smile. Survi says you burped infront of your boss? however atleast he smiled, whats your new plan? Jhanvi says he’s all the time in his administrative center, i cant even see from the place he will get ache so i will be able to finish it, Survi says that used to be deep idea, Adi comes there Jhanvi ends name. Adi has bluetooth in a single ear and Jhanvi isn’t in a position to peer it, Adi is on name. Jhanvi says to Adi that i sought after to understand what design you wish to have on your place of work? Adi says on name that if you wish to find out about me then you definitely will have to communicate to Kaka, he is aware of me in point of fact smartly. Jhanvi thinks he’s speaking together with her and says however i feel you will have to inform about it.. Adi says to caller that hang on, he says to Jhanvi that what’s your drawback? i’m speaking to caller and you’re simply blabbering nonstop, Jhanvi mouths sorry, he leaves. Jhanvi says atleast i were given to understand that Kaka will lend a hand me to unravel this drawback.
Jhanvi is available in Kaka’s place of business. Jhanvi says i do know you’re busy however i would like your 5minutes, he says take a seat down and inform me, Jhanvi sits and says my mother says we will have to take lend a hand from elders once we are at a loss for words, Kaka says she is true however you’re vibrant child, what lend a hand you wish to have? Jhanvi says my thoughts isn’t running, we discovered to make internal designs which will provide you with peace and which you prefer however Adi is my drawback, She says to Kaka that Adi is like purple sign on street so how will i do know what he likes? Adi comes there and hears it status at the back of Jhanvi, Jhanvi says he’s all the time frowning and is like there’s not anything to make him satisfied, he all the time one frowning expression on his face, he seems to be conceited, Adi fumes in anger listening to it, he glares Jhanvi who didnt see him there.

PRECAP- Marwari group is set to make Kaka put on turban and make him proprietor of marwari society, however inspector comes there and says Dharmesh(Kaka).. Kaka appears at him, inspector says if i knew serve as used to be happening then i might have come at another time. Marwari group member asks what case is occurring Dharmesh? all get tensed occupied with Nisha’s home violence towards Kaka and Kaki.


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