Vivah: HaYa ZaYa MehBeer SS Part 2

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Vivah…A adventure from Engagement to Marriage… Part2
Harman and Soumya have been shy to take a look at each and every different.They smiled.

Do anjaane ajnabi chale bandhane bandhan
Haay re dil mein hai ye uljhan
Soumya served espresso and snacks to all.When she reached Harman she used to be very shy.Harman used to be so shy and apprehensive that he took the espresso cup shivering.

Milkar kyaa bole kyaa bole kyaa bole re milakar kyaa bole
Nayi umamg nayi khushi mehak uthaa hai aangan
Seeing that Zain and Alia have been guffawing.
Juhi:Stop teasing.
Zain and Alia cou;d’nt prevent giggling.
Juhi whispered in Mihir’s ears:Are you reminded of the day you got here to peer me?
Mihir blushed:Yes.But that point shall we’nt even communicate to one another.We talked most effective after marriage.
Juhi smiled:Ya…
Mihir:But let Harman and Soumya communicate to one another.
Mihir:Niranjanji..I feel they each will have to communicate privately and take a choice.
Niran:Why now not?Sure.Soumya are taking Harman to the following room.
Soumya:Ok Mamu.
Soumya checked out Harman with shyness:Please come…
Harman adopted Soumya.
They each sat at the settee.Both have been shy to take a look at each and every different.

Haay re ghar aaye guy bhaavan
Milkar kyaa bole kyaa bole kyaa bole re milkar kyaa bole
Finally Harman broke the silence.
H:What is your identify?
She smiled:My identify is Soumya.
H:Nice identify.
S:But you recognize my identify.You referred to as me Soumya.
Harman learned it and were given embarrassed.
He idea:In rigidity my mind stopped running and requested her to mention her identify despite the fact that I do know her identify.Oh…
H:I requested to verify…
He took his kerchief and began wiping his sweat.
Soumya noticed it.
S:You really feel scorching?You need AC?
H:No thank you.I’m good enough.
S:But you’re sweating.
Harman used to be embarrassed.
S:I feel I will be able to come up with water.
She gave him a tumbler of water.
H:Thank you.
He stored taking a look at her with a grin.

S:Are you feeling good enough now?

Harman smiled:Actually it’s my first revel in to return and notice a woman.So to be frank I’m somewhat worried.That’s why I’m sweating.

Soumya smiled.
H:You are so daring.You don’t seem to be apprehensive.I imply you don’t appear to sweat.

S:Choti..I imply Meher says that once I’m fearful my hand turns into chilly.

H:Is it?Now is your hand chilly?Just contact and notice.
Soumya touched her personal hands and checked out him shyly:Yes..chilly..
They each smiled.
H:We each are so humorous.We are adults.But behave like the youngsters who opt for board tests.
S:Life could also be an examination every so often.May be as a result of that.
H:Ya…Soumya…I used to be all the time a monotonous…far and wide.Both girls and boys used to tease me for that.They used to mention that it’s as a result of I’m dull that I don’t have any woman good friend.You may additionally in finding me dull.
S:I don’t in finding you dull.I swear.
Harman requested innocently:Really?

Baichaini betaabi aaj mujhe ye kaisi
Aaj hai jo peheli na thi dil ki haalat aisi
He was satisfied:The first time anyone stated that It’s not that i am dull.Now I think that it’s just right that I don’t have any woman pal.That’s why I may just come right here and meet you.
She blushed.

Ankhon ko usika intajar hai
Unhike liye ye roop shrigaar hai
S:What do you prefer?
H:I love images very a lot.Though I did MBA and joined our circle of relatives industry images is my hobby.And what you prefer?
S:I really like dancing.I train dance to youngsters.
H:So you’re a dance instructor.Great.

Mihir:Guess Harman and Soumya di now not need to come right here as they revel in each and every others corporate.
They all laughed whilst Kalpana used to be getting annoyed.

Harman Soumya got here again.
Mihir:Tell beta…did you prefer Soumya?

Harman used to be shy:Yes.
Soumya may just’nt prevent blushing.

Dekhi hai taszir hello aaj milenge darshan
Haay re badh ne lagi hai ulzan
Alia Zain have been excited:Wow.
Niranjan:It’s this sort of satisfied information.

Juhi went close to Soumya:Tell Soumya beta..did you prefer my son?Will you return to our space as our daughter in regulation?

Soumya blushed:Yes.
Harman used to be more than happy.

Milkar kyaa bole kyaa bole kyaa bole re milkar kyaa bole
They all jumped with happiness.Niranjan hugged Soumya:I’m so satisfied for you beta.
Soumya smiled.
Juhi hugged Soumya.
Mihir:Niranjanji…we’re going to be family members.
Mihir and Niranjan hugged each and every different.
Zain Alia hugged Harman.
Meher hugged Soumya:Di..I’m so satisfied.
Alia hugged Soumya:My pricey Devrani..hug your jethani.
Kalpana used to be annoyed.
While all have been engrossed in happiness Harman referred to as Soumya to the following room secretly with movements.
Soumya adopted Harman to the room.
S:Why did you name me Harmanji?
Harman smiled.

Harman took a small digital camera from his pocket.
H:Since I really like images I all the time raise digital camera with me hoping that if I see one thing stunning at the approach I will be able to seize it with my digital camera.Today I discovered probably the most stunning
Soumya blushed.

Roop ki raani aayi hai jaise gaganse utarake
Mere liye kyaa mere liye aise sajake savarake
H:So I need to take your photograph.
She smiled.
He took her photograph together with his digital camera.

Sabse chupaake idhar udhar se mujhako hello dekhe chor najarase
Baat labon par hai ruki tejh dilon ki dhadakan
H:Thank you.
She smiled:Why will have to you thank me?It’s your proper to take my photograph.
Harman turned into more than happy.

Haay re kal ke sajani saajan
H:Bye.See you later.
She smiled:Bye.

Milkar kyaa bole kyaa bole kyaa bole re milkar kyaa bole(Vivah).

They each went out.They all bid just right bye and went house.
Niranjan caressed Soumya’s head:I’m so satisfied for you Soumya beta.Your oldsters might be satisfied to understand this in heaven.
Soumya turned into emotional remembering her oldsters.

Alia ready gulab jamun.
Zain:Wow…Gulab jamun.Is it for me?
Zain attempted to take it,however all of sudden Alia stopped him.
Alia:No.It’s for my darling Devar.Don’t take it.

Alia:Today is an overly special occasion for him.So a lot of happiness.To rejoice such happiness candies is a will have to.
Juhi:You are proper Alia.
Alia fed gulab jamun to Harman.
H:So yummy bhabhi.

Alia:But best until marriage I will be able to make gulab jamun for you.After that permit Soumya make Gulab jamun for you.
Harman become shy.Everyone laughed.

Zain used to be in his bed room.
Alia entered,Zain omitted her pretending to be indignant.
Z:Don’t communicate to me.These days you don’t deal with me.
She giggled:Is it?But see what I’ve introduced for you.I made your favorite grape juice.
Zain misplaced his regulate and were given excited:Grape juice?
A:Yes.That additionally chilly.
Z:Wow.I will be able to’t wait to drink.
Alia poured grape juice into 2 glasses and gave one to Zain.She took the opposite.They each sipped the juice.

Alia requested him smiling:By the best way are you continue to indignant with me?Do you continue to assume that I don’t maintain you?

Z:Yes.Still I feel that you simply don’t take care of me.
Alia was disappointed.

Zain checked out her face deeply:I think you’re keen on me an excessive amount of.
Alia used to be relieved and made me disappointed.
Z:How can Zain assume that his Alia does’nt love him like sooner than?You are the most productive spouse on this global.And I used to be best pretending to be indignant with you.How can I ever get indignant with my candy spouse?
She smiled.They each embraced each and every different.

Meher rushed to Abeer luckily.
M:Abeer..I’m so satisfied.
An:Your marriage alliance were given cancelled?See…I informed you to not fear about it.
M:Actually Abeer.The boy got here to peer Soumya jeeji,now not me.
Abeer used to be stunned:What?
M:Ya..They are a really nice circle of relatives.I’m satisfied that Soumya jeeji goes to a just right circle of relatives.Mom has all the time taunted Soumya jeeji.But her long run mom in regulation Juhi aunty could be very candy.Now itself she considers jeeji as her daughter.It’s like jeeji were given her oldsters again as Mihir Uncle and Juhi aunty.Like me jeeji may have a sister cum pal there..her jethani Alia di.
Ab:Wow..that’s so great.Let’s have fun it.You need to have burger?
M:No Abeer.You sing.We will rejoice it with track.
Ab:Yes true.No birthday party can also be complete with out track.

Abeer took his guitar and began making a song.Meher loved.

Zinda hua primary phir se
Tujhe chu ke jaane jaan
Rag rag mein tu hello hai ab primary…

Meher leaned onto his again playing his soothing song.

Chahat se teri roshan…iss dil ka gulisthaan

Pyar se apne rang de…
Yeh adhuri dastaan…

She used to be misplaced in his magical voice.

Mere nishaan… Mere nishaan… Mere nishaan
Mere nishaan… Mere nishaan … Mere nishaan …
Mere nishaan… Mere nishaan… Mere… Nishaan(Phir Bhi Na Maane..Badtameez Dil).

Vivah: HaYa ZaYa MehBeer SS Part 2 .

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