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This actress has accused her driver for leaking personal details to media

It’s not easy to fend off controversies hitting your celebrity stature, especially when you’re in the showbiz arena.

A strange report has surfaced about a famed B-Town actress Katrina Kaif who recently blamed her driver for ‘snooping’ on her for money. She accused the chauffer for leaking her personal details to media as he was on a payroll of some journalists.


She is a star whose personal life has often overshadowed her filmi career.

Recently, there were reports of Aditya Roy Kapur rescuing Katrina Kaif from a parking lot argument. According to a report, following the incident, Katrina Kaif grew suspicious of her entourage leaking stories to media. According to the report, the driver leaking the actress’s stories is the same man who was slapped during the argument over a parking spot.


Katrina Kaif has also threatened to fire her driver for leaking personal details to the media.

The report further suggests that Kaif has started keeping a close tab on her aides and has issued a gag order, stopping them from having any conversations with media.


She started by refusing to pose for photographers while exiting the airport and threw a fit when she spotted a few shutterbugs following her when she was house-hunting with her manager Reshma Shetty.

She has started taking extreme measures to avoid surveillance and recently requested that a new driver be provided for her when she went to meet Shah Rukh Khan. But despite her best efforts, the news still made it to the press.

Kaif recently opened up about her breakup from Ranbir Kapoor just days after he also spoke about it.


While giving an interview to an Indian news channel, Kaif shared her feelings about the split and poured her heart out about how she dealt with it.

“Having eyes upon you forces you to not step up and bring your best face to the world,” said the actress who described the emotional turmoil.

She said that it was very hard for her but her work helped her cope up with it.

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