Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

COLORS TV Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

The Episode begins with Bani telling Thapki that she could be very hungry. Thapki tells Bani that she has an concept and this manner she is going to get meals and water additionally. Bani says ghajab. She involves Kesar and says she has wiped clean the rice grains. She then faints. Bani and Thapki run to her. Vasu asks somebody please get water. Prince is set to offer water, however Amma Maayi stops him. Thapki is set to offer her water, however Amma Maayi snatches glass from his hand. She says she used to be retaining rapid and says it’s going to be abshagun. Prince simply then falls down subconscious. Amma Maayi takes glass from Thapki and is set to make Prince drink. Vasu stops her and says you’ll make your son have daughter. She says when our Bani have water, it’s inauspicious, and in case your son beverages then it’s shagun. Amma Maayi says

he’s my son and lady assists in keeping rapid and now not guy. Vasu scolds her for her out of date considering and says they…the pandey circle of relatives don’t differentiate amongst boys and girls and provides them equivalent love, rights and care. She says each woman and boy are born in a similar born, then why they’re differentiated.

Vasu asks her now not to take a look at to make her frightened of her weapons as she had lifted gun sooner than. She provides water to Prince and asks Bihaan to take bani inside of. He will get apprehensive for Bani. Bani will get up and tells that she is ok. She tells that Thapki had already fed her meals. Thapki tells that they have got to loose Tina and she or he has an concept. Kesar sees Tina going out of Pandey space. She thinks if Tina escaped and is going to test. Meanwhile Bani fools her in Tina’s apparel. Thapki asks her to head,trade her garments and sleep. They apply Kesar. Kesar involves Tina. Tina asks them to take her and says she is afraid right here. Kesar scolds her and asks her to be there until Bani will get married and Amma Maayi frees her and is going. Bani and Thapki see Tina crying. They come to her and frees her. They ask her to not fear. They come at the street and notice Monty approaching his motorcycle.

Bihaan asks Thapki to take Tina and says he’s going to care for him. Thapki says no, and asks him to take Tina, and she is going to take care of him. Bihaan hides with Tina. Monty stops his motorcycle close to Thapki. Thapki appears on. He asks what you’re doing? Searching your daughter right here, you’ll now not get her. Thapki asks what incorrect did my daughter do? Monty tells that Amma Maayi is true and no matter she is doing is true. He says we each stammers. Thapki asks him to distinguish between proper and mistaken and let him learn about. Monty assists in keeping gun on her head. Bihaan tries to head.

Tina tells that Thapki will take care of him. Thapki asks him to shoot and asks him to not inform that they’re similar and stammers. She says she gained’t let her daughter Bani marry. Monty says this marriage will occur and I will be able to see who stops me. He sits on his motorcycle and is going. Bihaan involves Thapki and says I will be able to now not depart that man. Thapki tells that their daughter Tina is ok. Bihaan says you’re fortunate to have daughters like Tina and Bani. Tina hugs Thapki and says you’re extra fortunate than Mamma, as you were given all folks.

Thapki says shall we move house. They succeed in house. Amma Maayi claps seeing Tina house. She tells that Bihaan did marvel to have freed Tina from her clutches. She says she shall attend her sister’s marriage. Bihaan says not anything improper will occur right here. Thapki says our daughter is again with us, and now you’ll be able to’t pressure us for the wedding. Monty says you stammers, however talks a lot. Bihaan says she isn’t on my own with the intention to purpose gun on him. Amma Maayi says she is going to show proofs this time and asks Monty to offer the recorder. She performs the recorder. Thapki tells Amma Maayi to make Bani her bahu and that she is going to do her kanyadaan. Thapki tells that she will’t do that being Bani’s mum. Shraddha thinks ofcourse that is lie. Bihaan says they’re going to pass to courtroom. Amma Maayi asks him to head and tells that Thapki will probably be stuck by the regulation for the betrayal. She asks him if he needs this, no. So let Bani marry Prince. She says this marriage will occur anyways, if somebody lives or die.

Thapki consents for Prince and Bani’s wedding ceremony. Bani is surprised and leaves Thapki’s hand. Shraddha is surprised and thinks what’s going on in her thoughts and thinks to determine.

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