Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update

Colors TV Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd March 2017 Written Update Episode.

The Episode begins with Bihaan asking the guards to allow them to move inside of and says his daughter is inside of. Guards refuse. Thapki tells that their daughter is inside of and folds her palms. Guards ask her to go away and says else Amma Maayi will kill us. He tells that bua ji will pray now. A lady is noticed praying close to the tulsi plant. Thapki is going to her and asks her to understands, says her daughter is abducted forcibly and tells that kid marriage is a criminal offense. The lady lifts her veil. Thapki is surprised to peer the woman. Girl asks Thapki to hide her head and tells that marriage is a blessing without reference to when it occurs. Everyone is surprised. Amma Maayi calls her kesar. She says she is coming and is going.

Amma Maayi comes out and sits on her chair. Kesar touches her ft and takes her blessings.

Amma Maayi tells Thapki and others that that is Kesar, her elder bahu and says now your daughter gets just right values, our kesar bahu will train her just right values. Vasu asks what she is speaking about on this age. Thapki says one may give just right values to a daughter additionally, and says this age is of youngsters is to review. Amma Maayi says what your daughter will do by way of learning and tells that she has to stick and die right here best. Bihaan says I used to be silent until now as you’re a lady, and asks her to inform the place is his daughter. He calls Bani and tries to head inside of. Goons prevent him via retaining gun. Thapki folds her palms and asks them to allow them to take Bani. Bihaan fights with the goons.

Amma Maayi fires bullet in air and issues at Bihaan. She tells her discussion and asks Bihaan how dare he to battle in her house. She calls Prince. Prince brings Bani. Bihaan calls her. Amma Maayi asks Bihaan to get Bani if he can. Bihaan snatches gun from her hand and asks her to transport again. He then assists in keeping gun in her hand and says I’ve the power to burn all this global and your circle of relatives can burn additionally, however I got here right here to get my daughter and to not kill others. Thapki is going to Bani and hugs her. She asks her to return. Bihaan says I will be able to see who will prevent her now. Bani falls because of chain in her ft. They see the chain hooked up to the rope as Kesar’s husband get started the jeep. Bani is pulled via the chain and cord. Bihaan catches the rope and prevent Bani from pulling through the rope. Blood comes out from his hand. Kesar’s husband Monty tells that no one can refuse his mum’s orders and Bihaan can’t take her daughter. Inspector comes there with Dhruv. Dhruv asks Inspector to arrest them. Amma Maayi smiles. Inspector touches her ft and greet her. He asks her to go away the woman and says I’m asking for you to go away this woman. Monty and Prince get indignant in Inspector. Monty stops Inspector from coming against Bani.

Prince says Amma Maayi didn’t say sure until now. Monty stammers and says you are attempting to show us regulation and says our regulation is Amma Maayi. Amma Maayi says we haven’t pressured the woman and says her mum Thapki left the woman right here. She performs the recording during which Thapki requested Amma Maayi to take her daughter in her space and provides her safe haven, and says I come up with all rights, my inlaws house is a hell and asks her to provide her just right bringing and says you’re her mum now. Bani is surprised. Thapki says she is a liar. I haven’t stated this. Vasu tells that Thapki can’t say this. Dhruv asks her to go away Bani. Inspector asks why did you name me right here, this can be a concrete evidence. Bihaan says this evidence is a lie. Inspector leaves greeting Amma Maayi. Bihaan says you’ll be able to make him pass, however now not me. Amma Maayi asks them to go away in the event that they need to see her alive else she is going to kill Bani.

Monty makes Dogs run close to Bani to harm her. Thapki covers Bani. Bihaan runs to save lots of them.

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