Thahaan- We are in love (by garima) episode -3


Bihaan’s pov.

When we succeed in to the earthquake spot there’s scene used to be terrible. The folks the place such a lot injured I is so pity .

I began serving to them and get started giving them first assist in point of fact this scene have been probably the most terrible scene of my lifestyles .

Thapki’s pov.

I paintings quicker to save lots of many of us lifestyles there is not any time to waste just for one 2d.

This scene isn’t so dangerous for me as a result of I noticed it again and again however it doesn’t imply that it’s common actually it’s terrible I check out my absolute best for lend a hand.

And then we get knowledge that in construction they are two employee nonetheless there I ship there two squaddies for lend a hand and after short while communicate once more earth get started shaking and connection of our break the 2 squaddies went in are alive or now not all began excited about it it is rather painful for me as a result of they are squaddies of mine group they are my firms once I get started loosing hope after which one pat on mine shoulder once I noticed again it’s bihaan he say thapki don’t gave hope I do know they are alright good enough. After listening it I gave him a grin and say thank you and all at once their (soldier) voice got here I turned into satisfied they knowledgeable that the employee have some critical damage we’d like first help after pronouncing mine a unmarried phrase bihaan stated that he went and lend a hand them they are some hesitation on my center to ship him however he went I don’t why I think scared for misplaced her.

Bihaan’s pov.

I’m going in the construction it’s utterly damage however some position are nonetheless there once I move inside and inside darkness are beginning expanding after which I listen a voice I went there and located them.

I gave first assist to staff after which they thank you me I say wellcome to them. When we are coming that position in which I got here are spoil perhaps it’s already vulnerable soldier knowledgeable it to thapki.

Thapki’s pov.

When I listen that their means blocked I made up our minds that in this time I went they looking to prevent me however it’s my responsibility so I went in the construction I went there and in finding any means for succeed in towards them .

In my method my foot hit by rod it begins bleeding however I do know that I must be robust so I didn’t prevent and get started strolling.

When I in finding them I’m so satisfied that every one are in just right situation. We began leaving my foot is improperly bleeding however I haven’t been prevent and once I strolling one pat on my shoulder and once I noticed again bihaan I see that bihaan staring at me with smile after which he stated that you simply are advantageous I say sure I’m high-quality he say I don’t assume that and the he make me to take a seat and he take a seat ahead me and get started looking out on his bag.

I staring at him with perplexed glance after which he take his first help package which is in his bag and take away my boot I’m dressed in black blouse and black denims with black faculty as a result of it’s my dress of challenge and my blood seeing in my denims It turns out that he noticed it. he celebrity washing my wound with detol I taking a look him with lovingly he’s so carefull.(in background na na na song play)

And after finishing my first assist he noticed me (thahan percentage an eye fixed lock it’s lengthy) after which we wreck eye glance he stand and stated you are feeling aid. I stated with smile sure and I get up and once more get started strolling .

On different aspect .
Thapki’s group individuals

Man – captain please come right here.

Captain- sure what came about.

Man- sir we discovered once more earthquake level.

Captain – what? Oh no chief (thapki) long past there. Call her and tell her about it.

Man- good enough.

Man- hi hi hi can somebody there’s.

Thapki lisson voice and take her vocetoke .

Man- hi can somebody there’s.

Thapki – sure who’s it?

Man- it’s 109543.

Thapki – good enough it’s 12357 your chief what’s knowledge.

Man – Leader there’s once more probability of earthquake.

Thapki – what.

And then unexpected the whole thing started to transport .

Thapki – earthquake once more get started transfer rapid.

They get started shifting rapid .

And then pillars begins falling and one is set to fall on thapki however bihaan run and push her and all pillars fall on it.

Thapki – bihannnnn.

Preacap – have in mind and friendship.

Guys sorry for grammar mistake and in earlier episode there’s few feedback please give me evaluation that I proceed it or t.

And so sorry that it’s brief however as a result of I writing it at the means of pov so it’s little tricky to me to write down it lengthy so sorry for that.

And someone don’t give me my query solution so my query is similar.

Q. Can bihaan keep in mind thapki after which what’s his response.

Thahaan- We are in love (by garima) episode -Three .

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