You and me thahaan : part 14

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So right here we move ,
Thapki recieved a message and she were given scared . Shradha notices her.
Shradha : thaps….r u alright ?
Thapki : yep m aalright shradha. (Faking a grin)
Shradha : r u positive ? U dnt appear to be alright….
Thapki : nno no m advantageous…?

Ohk come then shall we proceed recreation.
Sahir gestures bihaan a thumbs up ? & winks ?. Bihaan smiles extensively and nods his head. Thapki used to be going to take a seat with shradha when sahir stopped her.
Sahir : thapki what r u doing ? Y r u sitting together with her ? Go & take a seat with ur spouse raman he’s ur spouse dnt overlook we r enjoying a recreation…
Thapki : ssry…
She smiles at bihaan and sits beside him. Dhruv stares bihaan frenziedly.
Bihaan smirks.

Kosi : ohk proceed the sport.
Dhruv : ya positive , however only a sec… thapki ur and raman’s flip is done so u each take away ur rings.
Thapki & bihaan take a look at each and every different.
Bihaan : however…

Dhruv : no buts mr ramandeep singh take away ur ring ….do as i say
Thapki gestures bihaan together with her eyes to do what dhruv is pronouncing.
Bihaan concurs reluctantly.
Thapki tries to take away her ring nevertheless it didnt. She attempted once more however the ring used to be being cussed and didn’t moved a inch. Same factor came about with bihaan. Bihaan nd thapki checked out each and every different & attempted once more however , all in useless. Dhruv became stressed and he rose from his seat & moved against thahaan. He grabbed thapki’s hand and attempted to eliminate ring. He implemented all his drive however there used to be nil outcome. He once more attempted thia time onerously because of which thapki’s finger were given minimize and it began bleeding. Thapki winced in ache however there used to be no impact on that case – hardened creature. He unnoticed her wincing and nonetheless cotinued ruthlessly.

Thapki : dhruv u r hhurting me…
Dhruv : simply close up…& let me pay attention..
Bihaan’s ire used to be roused to its heights by this cruel act of dhruv. Bihaan all at once jerked his hand away furiously. Dhruv shot a dying glare at bihaan .
Bihaan : guy wtf r u doing ? I imply u r damned atrocious guy . U r a minimum of a blo*dy brute. What the hell do u assume is she ? Is she turns out to b an animal or a toy to u ? If that ‘s so then let me knw it is going to simply take a sec. To exchange ur blo*dy pov. Mr Dhruv pandey she ‘s a blo*dy human , a woman & most significantly she is ur fiance. Uk what simply put out of your mind it u r a hard-nosed individual speaking to u is similar to banging ur head towards a wall.

Thapki goggled at bihaan in amazement thru her tearfull eyes.
Bihaan rose up and hastened against kitchen. He got here again with a bowl full of tepid water accompanied by cotton, a work of white fabric , antiseptic & a bandage. He sat beside thapki and took hang of her hand . He first soaked fabric in bowl & then rather wringed it . He gently wiped clean the oozed out blood and then pressed the material softly towards her wound. He got rid of the material abd implemented antiseptic & additionally wiped clean the lines of dried blood left on her finger with the assistance of cotton. Thapki’s gaze used to be fastened on bihaan and she used to be staring him continuously with no blink. She used to be admiring his each and every motion and her hrt used to be leaping in a pleasure in her chest and she cud really feel it. She cud simply witness the strains of outrage on his tmpl placed on show for her & a small curve escaped her cushy lips.

Bihaan used to be such a lot interested by his paintings that he forgot about everybody’s presence his centre of appeal used to be handiest thapki and he used to be acutely aware of the truth that thapki used to be playing his consideration and he additionally knew that everybody provide there’s staring him however he ignored their gaze & endured his paintings. Bihaan cud really feel his eyes turning rainy & he stored his head bowed down in order that nobody cud take realize of that. He used to be disturbed by thapki’s loud moaning in ache when he used to be fastening bandage he appeared up at her face on which ache used to be obviously visual. Sahir smiled seeing him like that so involved for thapki. While everybody used to be surprised nd felt suspicious of bihaan . On listening to thapki ‘s ache bihaan gently whiffed on her finger. Thapki now stared him romantically and carved a grin however quickly her smile disappeared once she felt one thing rainy on her finger she appeared down and used to be surprised to peer tears trickling down his bearded cheeks. Bihaan wasnt in a position to seem thapki in ache. Thapki raised her hand up to be able to wipet them however her hand stopped halfway as she felt dhruv ‘s livid gaze on her and she reluctantly reduced her hand. Bihaan temporarily wiped his tears & went to kitchen and got here again and located himself beside thapki at the matress.

Kosi : omg what ‘s taking place ? First of all they were given engaged and now rings r additionally tight i assume god is making an attempt to signify one thing.
Piu : oh plz kosi mother it’s not anything like that…the next day to come itself i will be able to name jeweller and he in poor health take away it so dnt wry …
Dhruv : piu is true actually i will be able to ship sahir to convey the jeweller .
Kosi : however…

Dhruv : no buts shall we proceed the sport…i assume now it’s sahir & piu’s flip ?
Shradha : sure..
Saiu (sahir and piu ) checked out each and every different and stood up . Sahir picked up a coupon and it used to be written in it that they want to dance on a romantic no.
Piu : m now not going to try this…
She huffed.
Sahir : even , m now not

Piu : lier…
Sahir : excuse me…
Piu : yep u r a lier..
Sahir : how ? When i lied ?
Piu : u stated u r now not …
Sahir : so…?
Piu : u r…
Sahir : who informed u that ?

Piu : obvio who wud deny a dance with a btfl woman like me ? As i stated no first so u would possibly have felt slured so u too refused. Pretending that u r now not ..
Sahir (thoughts ) : undoubtedly she is bihaan bhai’s sis each the brother and sis all the time stay boasting about their appears . Ek khud ko hero samajhta h to dusri khud ko heroine samjhti h . (One thinks that he’s hero and different thinks that she is a heroine ) heroine my foot.
Piu : did u say one thing ?

Sahir used to be abt to respond her when he checked out bihaan gesturing him to agree. Sahir understood what bihaan is making an attempt to mention and he noded his head at him.
Sahir : sure i used to be pronouncing that it’s a recreation so we shud show some sportsmanship and carry out the duty which we’ve were given…
Bihaan : oh g mainu lgda h ae bilkul thik kh re ne…(i think that he’s pronouncing proper )
Sharuv & kosi & thapki : sure…
Piu : ohk high quality …?

They dance on music “TUM HO ” of rockstar.
Bihaan (thoughts ) : ty sahir if u wrnt there then i wudnt b in a position to go away now everyone seems to be bizy…i will be able to depart simply.
Sahir cups her waist and she makes stressful faces at him.
Everyone used to be bizy in observing their efficiency when bihaan will get up silently and tries to go away when thapki stopped him.
Thapki : wwhere r u going ?

Bihaan : vvo..vvo m j..simply
Thapki raises her eyebrows up dressed in a wondering glance on her face and gazed at bihaan…
Bihaan controlled to ans after framing a excuse.
Bihaan : m j..simply going to washroom.
Thapki : oh..ohk!!
Bihaan leaves & b4 leaving he took grasp of his ph stored on sahir ‘s bed. Dhruv sees him leaving & sighs in releif.

As the dance ended piu driven sahir away & went again to her seat. Sahir huffed.
It used to be now sharuv’s flip and they were given bizy of their process when thapki ‘s ph beeped as she won any other textual content msg from similar no.
Thapki reads msg beneath her breath : the place the hell r u ? M wtng right here from ultimate 10 minutes…
Thapki bited her decrease lip in guilt as she finished studying msg.
Thapki in her thoughts : oh shit ! Bcz of this dhruv i forgot that bihaan’s wtng on terrace.
She typed a msg – coming simply stay up for few more minutes…sry..?

She hurriedly and silently stood up. Sahir smirked taking a look at her she rushed against terrace naked foot.
Sahir (in thoughts ) : i assume she goes to satisfy bhai. Strange when i sended msg from bhai’s ph at the moment she forgot and now when bhai sended she goes so temporarily..
Piu : simply close up !! Dnt aggravate me..
Sahir : i didnt stated anything else…
Piu : i didn’t stated anything else..
Piu : u did in ur thoughts..

Sahir : the place the..? How the hell did it disturbed u ?
Piu : it did. Ur each and every small factor disturbs me it raises degree of my anger..huh!! ?
Sahir : j..simply were given to hell..
Nobody spotted thapki going out with the exception of piu.

Piu wonders : the place bhabhi goes that too so worriedly and hurriedly ? First that sahir ‘s helper and now bhabhi…there’s one thing fishy..
I assume i shud practice her. She will get up and went at the back of thapki. Thapki ran with a blistering tempo to succeed in at terrace. Pou reaches hall trojan horse didnt in finding thapki bcz b4 she reached thapki already went upstairs . Piu appears right here and there on the lookout for thapki.
Terrace ,
Thapki struggled not easy to catch her breath. Bihaan’s again used to be dealing with her.
Thapki (panting) : h..hello!!

Bihaan became round to take a look at her.
Bihaan simply stared her and didnt uttered a phrase . Thapki used to be status in entrance of him panting and her palms put on each side of her waist.

All the rite moments flashed in entrance of bihaan’s eyes: ” thapki saving vasu from everybody, thapki consoling her and then inviting her” . Bihaan ‘s visiom used to be blurred as tears took some position in hia tiny eyes. Thapki cud sense some ache in his eyes however cudnt beleive her eyes or the truth that bihaan is crying. As quickly as their eyes met and thapki consoled him together with her eyes, bihaan cudnt take it more and he ran against thapki & temporarily enclasped her. Thapki used to be astounded at his unexpected act. Bihaan shedded his tears at her shldr tightening his grip round her. His whole frame brushed towards her tiny one.

She felt shivers operating down her backbone. She felt some spark in her center. She cud really feel her shldr turning rainy by his tears and she felt some unknown ache in her hrt seeing him in ache. She didn’t knew find out how to react she used to be in nice catch 22 situation that she shud hug him again or now not. She used to be looking to determine it tout when she felt bihaan ‘s grip turning more and more tight and intense. Their used to be a unexpected surge in thapki to include him and she did what her hrt stated. Thapki hugged bihaan love it used to be their final hug. She hugged him so tightly as though her lifestyles trusted it. Their hug used to be changing into an intimate and snug one. They have been snuggling into each and every different more and more in the hunt for solace & peace in each and every others heat. Bihaan handiest uttered one phrase from his mouth- THANKU

Piu used to be stunned on the sight of thapki hugging some other guy. She didnt see bihaan ‘s face bcz his again used to be dealing with her. She felt numb for a second . As quickly as she retrieved from the surprise she composed her posture and went again.

As realisation dawned on thapki she shoved bihaan away.
Bihaan temporarily wiped away his tears.
Bihaan : what came about thapki all at once ? Y u driven me ?
Thapki’s face became purple pink. She flushed at his blameless query and pressed her each the hands on ome some other.
Thapki : i..i..its w..flawed(stumbling at her phrases)
Bihaan : no thapki it isn’t we r frnds proper ?

Thapki noded her head in settlement.
Bihaan : frnds do hug each and every different so it isn’t.
Thapki(indignant) : however this iis now not wwhat frnd generally do…proper? U aalso knw that Mr Bihaan pandey . The hug wwasnt a regular one it used to be rather inti….

She stopped halfway as she realised what she used to be going to mention.
Bihaan raised his eyebrows up paired with widened eyes and repeated her final phrase stressing it…with a naughty glint on his face.

Bihaan : inti….
Thapki became her head away and seemed in some other course & became her again to him. Thapki in annoyed tone : pplz bihaan prevent troubling me m already nervous bcz of blunders taking place in my llife. I ccalled u right here to hlp me.
Bihaan realised his mistake and appologized.
Bihaan : m sry thapki for hugging u if truth be told i ignored u alot in order that ‘s y i m …imply u r my first frnd na that’s y…

Thapki closed her eyes in guilt and let loose a deep sigh.
Thapki : in reality m ssry …i sshouted at u i shudnt have talked to u like that bihaan it used to be simply that we ddid improper nd it used to be nnot ir fault it used to be mmine too. I shud have managed myself from hugging u i simply melted in ur palms.
Bihaan gaped at thapki once thapki spoke those phrases . Thapki widened her eyes as she realised what she stated. Her face used to be now darkish pink as though her hrt used to be pumping all of the blood to her face muscular tissues.
Bihaan : gajab ! ! (Seductive approach )

Thapki’s lips carved a grin on listening to this phrase after any such very long time she didnt knw the rationale however she all the time feels comforted when she hears this phrase. Thapki temporarily brushed away all her ideas as she felt his robust seductive gaze on her.
Thapki : i m …imply ( pause for a second )
I assume we shud center of attention at the primary function oof us assembly right here at this ttime…
Bihaan : sure this time..(smiling)
“MIDNINGHT”( Stressing) on my own u and me…
Thapki : will u jjust close up?

Bihaan : ohk f9 say…
Thapki : as i informed u b4 that inm getting married to dhruv pandey. He is relatively possesive and protecting for me…
Bihaan : possesive sure, protecting no method….
Thapki : how do u knw ?
Bihaan : v…vo i m…imply u u j..simply forget about me i talk nonsense
(Fakes amusing)
Thapki : ohk i used to be pronouncing that he’s moderately protecting aand possesive relating to me..
Bihaan (annoyed) : y r u telling me this ? M now not marrying him that u r telling his qualities to me…(huffs)

Thapki slaps him gently at his arm.
Thapki : sshut up !! Listen to me first…& now dnt interuot in b/w simply zip up ur mouth. Ohk, so the prob is he appointed raj & sheena for our samgeet cremony & m af….
Bihaan cuts her in btwn.
Bihaan : our sangeet ? R u mad who fastened our marriage ? Stop giving me miny hrt assaults…tha..
Thapki stops him in center by shushing him . She assists in keeping her hand on his lips and bihaan felt numb as her cushy hand touched his lips.
Thapki (nonetheless protecting her hand on her lips ) : shh!! Shh!! Let me sspeak…
Our rite approach mine & dhruv’s. Ohk, so m afraid that if Raj tells him anything else relating to u and me then i will be able to b in hassle..bcz acc. To raj i really like u bbut u & ik that i dnt love u…
Bihaan used to be simply taking a look at her romantically admiring her giant btfl eyes , cushy lips , her adorable nostril and her hairs dancing with wind.
Thapki felt his intense gaze and she too seemed in his eyes and she forgot herself and drowned in his tiny eyes.
Some of her hairs got here on her face aggravating bihaan and he gently tugged them again and caressed her cheek together with his thumb. Thapki all at once moved again breaking their candy monent.
Bihaan : m sry..

Thapki : its what sshud we do ?
Bihaan : idk…
Thapki held his giant hand in her small one.
Thapki : pplz bihaan dnt say like like that u r mmy ultimate that u r mmy ultimate hope i nneed u….
She stated with tears in her eyes…
Bihaan (tightening his grip on her hand ) : m all the time there for u thapki even i too want u…
Thapki : hun…?
Bihaan : not anything u d..dnt wry i w..will do one thing u move and sleep.
(He cups her face)
Thapki smiles and nods.
Thapki became round to go away.
But then she once more became at bihaan.

Thapki : united kingdom i met uur punjabi model raman..(guffawing)
Bihaan : what?
Thapki : sry vo not anything…
Bihaan : inform me…
Thapki : in reality there’s one frnd of mjne sahir if truth be told there’s one frnd of mine sahir in fact highest frnd he’s my wdng plnr so there’s a boy ramnadeep singh his hhelper. He is jjust like u . Pprotects me from each and every trbl and hhelps me. Fhnny like u , lovable like u and hhand…
Stops in mid . Bihaan completes her sentence.
Bihaan(smirking) : good-looking proper?
Thapki didnt checked out him.

Bihaan : so i assume he’s great man ?
Thapki : sure he’s iinfact he’s aussom united kingdom hhe nowadays stored my lifestyles identical to u did.
Bihaan felt jls of ramnadeep .
Bihaan (thoughts) : i hate u mr . Raman thapki is rather inspired from u. U r taking my position ik its me best however nonetheless he’s raman now not bihaan pandey now not any raman vaman.
Thapki pulls him out of his ideas..
Thapki : i simply dnt like one tthing abt him his considering i mmean he all the time sees mine nd ur dating in a adverse means.
Bihaan smiled.

Bihaan in his thoughts : yesss!! Bihaan -100 , raman-99 lead of 1 level..
Thapki : i assume i sshud depart its qquite past due..ty for coming ggn sd…
Bihaan (whispering in her ear ) : gonna dream abt u sweethrt…winks ?

Thapki : u and uur flirting….uff!! Bye..
Thapki stopped undergo door as she felt her sarf stucked in one thing. She became round and used to be surprised to peer it stucked in bihaan’s watch. Bihaan pulled her shawl because of which thapki landed on him and her lips on his cheeks. She widened her eyes and bihaan felt his hrt throbbing towards his chest. Thapki hurriedly moved again respiring closely. Bihaan cud listen his and her hrt beating at some tempo. They each seemed right here & there now not taking a look at each and every different. Both of them lifted up their arms to loose the headscarf and their palms brushed with each and every different’s sending chills down their backbone . Thapki used to be making an attempt challenging to take away it whilst bihaan used to be simply pretending to loose it he by no means sought after this time to finish. Bihaan used to be simply palying together with her palms when he noticed the hoop in her finger which he made her put on. He felt a lil bit proud at raman and smiled . Bihaan slowly massaged thapki’s hand wigh his thumb. Thapki checked out him together with her eyes as giant as buttons . She wondered together with her eyes what r u doing ? . She jerked his thumb and after all freed her shawl she sighed in releif whilst bihaan made a tragic face. Thapki chuckled taking a look at him. She gently pulled his cheeks . Bihaan’s face muscle tissue tightened beneath her cushy contact.
Thapki : u r so adorable…
She once more giggled.
Thapki : ohk tthen bye…ty for the whole thing.

Bihaan : its by no means a good-bye…
Winks ?
Thapki smiled at him. She turns to go away and once more stopped on the similar spot however this time together with her personal want. She all at once became and ran against bihaan and embraced him.
Bihaan used to be surprised at her act. This used to be a small hug as in comparison to earlier one however they shared all their feelings with each and every different on this small hug. Thapki temporarily rushed out from there.
Bihaan smiles shyly and says : pagal ladki (mad woman)
Thapki’s room,
As thapki entered her room she used to be greeted by darkness.
Thapki(thoughts,scared) : i didnt switched off lighting fixtures when i left mmy room & keys have been additionally with me…
●Note : they r nonetheless in lodge

May b i handiest did iit however i by no means do this i hhate darkness. She moved against transfer board when she scremed in ache.
Thapki : aaaaaahhhh….

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