Sukor a new journey continue (episode 4)

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Recap: Tejumade the plan to satisfy Kasturi on tomorrow in conjunction with Suvaan. Ragini hears this n is now making plans to make Vivaan keep.
Ragini used to be in right here room n assume *what can I do to prevent bhai. I hate Imli she is snatching my bro from me. After she enters Bhai’s lifestyles he modified alot n he cares for her more than for me*
Teju went again to her room. Suvaan have been thf biscuits n consuming the milk. Vivaan: Bhai. Suraj: ya? Vivaan smiled n shyly seemed down n stated thx I do know u did this, proper? Suraj wink 😉. He left the room pronouncing gud n8 suraj returned it. Alone in his room he idea *I feel I forgot one thing * he used to be making an attempt to keep in mind what he used to be doing prior to his mother n vivaan input the room *😲oh Chakor she is going to kill me* He checked out his Smartphone there a number of messages from Chakor the ultimate one gud n8😠.

At Bhuvaan Laal position
Chakor used to be very indignant she wrote him such a lot of messages however he didn’t answer on one *he’s so imply* Imli input the room: Di u know wht? Chakor perplexed: wht? I simply talked to Vivaan he stated that day after today they r coming to speak abt the marriage preparation 😶 she were given shy they only talked abt it Teju aunty will include them n it may well be imaginable that we will be able to pass out for buying groceries. She smiled so did imli. Chakor: But Imlu it’s too past due pass t mattress n she flip off the sunshine. Chakor used to be considering to proper him a message however no. She felt dangerous being disregarded by him. She took a final glance on her smartphone nwas flying top Suraj wrote her again *Mrs. Suraj N. Rajvanshi here’s ur bewaqook (silly) fiance „Mr. Chakor Bhuvaan Laal“ I m sorry I used to be speaking with mummy n Vivaan it will have to be a wonder however I dont need u be dissatisfied with so Im coming in fact we r coming day after today many gud n8😙“ „I forgot I love to consume pakoore😎* She used to be satisfied n fell asleep with a smile like they all.

On the following morning at Rajvanshi
Tgey have been all having breakfast in combination when Teju announce that she is going to move to satisfy Kasturi for the marriage preparation n Suvaan will give her accompany this wsvery disliked by Ranjana however prior to she may just say one thing Ragini requested: U r going with out me. Don’t u need me there? Vivaan: No princess don’t u ever assume like this in fact u can include us, proper? Teju: completely u wll give me nice corporate n if u need u can pass with ur bhabis (sister-in-law’s) n bro for some buying groceries? Suraj: Shopping? Y? Teju simply rolled her eyes. KN: my son apni saaz ke ghar primary flirt karoge (will u flirt at ur in regulations position?) Suraj used to be purple n speechles. After the breakfast they were given in a position n left. Suraj used to be riding them.

At Bhuvaan Laal position
Chakoriya Imlu kahan ho? Abhi Tejaswini jika telephone aya tha woh milne keliye arahain. (the place r u each? Teju referred to as they r coming) Kasturi shouted. They know this in order that they get in a position. Chakor n imli got here dressed: Maai we know the way do we glance n they became round dressed in Shalwar Khameez. Kasturi: s u each are aware of it hmm. Wht this system? Imli: Vivaan stated we’d move out for buying groceries. Chakor: Suraj didn’t say anything else 😟. Btw wht they stated Chakor requested. They left n might be right here within the subsequent 20 min. Chakor with giant eyes: 20 min.? Kasturi: ya, y wht occur? Chakor a bit shy: Woh Suraj ne kaal kaha tha ke usko pakoore kahne hain. Kiya 20 min. primary banjayenge? (Yesterday Suraj informed me he want to consume pakoore. Are 20 min. sufficient? Kasturi began giggling: He used to be joking. Nashta karke arahain (they r coming however have breakfast). Now all have been giggling.

In the automobile
Ragini used to be considering *know I’m right here however wht nowhow I will be able to stay them separate? Maybe I shouldn’t. If I will be able to keep great with them I will be able to make false accustation on her being impolite n dangerous to me. Suraj n Chakor have to head elsewhere so we 3 will probably be on my own.* Teju: u deliberate one thing? Ragini felt stuck however she used to be speaking to Suvaan. Vivaan: I informed her we will be able to pass out for buying groceries 😊 n Ragini will give us accompany. Ya she stated. Suraj n u wht u deliberate with Chakor? Teju requested. Suraj: It’s a wonder. All get started giggling that suggests not anything. Suraj made a face. We there he stated angry. They stepped out of the automobile. Ragini wa the primary she rings the bell they were given all a heat welcome n have been sitting at the sofa.
Kasturi requested for snacks however they courteously denied it. Then she stated Chakor made Chai. Teju: Chakor ne Chai banayi to hum zaroor piyenge ☺ (positive we will be able to drink the Chai Chakor made). Chakor went to the kitchen n used to be making ready ist on a tray Suraj used to be considering *iska matlaab Chakor ne pakoore bhi banaye hai* He used to be more than happy to consume her home made meals. She got here however handiest with Chai he used to be disenchanted. Chakor served it to everybody bzt Suraj denied: I dont need. With a impolite undertone. Teju: Are Suraj yeh kita tareeqa hai Chai lo Chakor ne pheli baar tumhare liye kuch banaya hai. (Suraj wht more or less behaviour is that this. She made one thing for u for the first actual time check out it) Suraj *Maa is true* He drink the Chai however used to be lacking some snacks Chakor may just really feel she went again n got here with any other tray full of pakoore. Suraj with giant smile she sitted subsequent to him n give him a indignant view like *Wht u idea i wouldn’t have made them for u that i might put out of your mind 😠* Suraj used to be ashamed n used to be feeling sorry 😶 he used to be going to carry his ears however she put the tray on his lap n stated consume n smiled. Chakor to her mother: See he wasn’t joking. All giggle. He praised her Chai n pakoore alot then they five left Teju n Kasturi have been talkinh abt the marriage.

Before they get within the automotive Ragini requested to take a seat together with her Sister-in-law’s so all women have been at the backseat. She begins wondering the entirety once they met? How they fall in love? Who suggest first… and so on. ? They spoke back her all of the questions. Then Imli requested her: U bro by no means point out me? Ragini *that is the primary arrow* No 😟 he by no means discussed u.In used to be a however disenchanted than Chakor requested n Suraj does he discussed me? Yes he did She stated however he didn’t say u have been r couple smartly I don’t know wht he stated to Baar Ma. Suraj: Mummy used to be smartly acutely aware of it. U all know I don’t cover anything else from her.
Vivaan requested the place do u need to pass? Imli spoke back u stated u gonna buying groceries with me. Ragini ya Bhai even I need to buy groceries. Vivaan good enough then it’s ultimate we r going buying groceries. Suraj stopped within the automobile parking space of a mall. They stepped out however Suraj stay sitting n stated Chakor come take a seat at the passenger’s seat she did however ahead of she may just requested him whete they r going Suraj stated to Vivaan name me once we will have to pick out u up good enough? He nodded.
Thats fascinated with now I will be able to check out one more

Will Ragini be successful n the place r Sukor going???

Sukor a new journey continue (episode four) .

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