Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd February 2017 Written Update Episode

The Episode begins with Doctor telling Yuvani concerning the remedy to provide gentle voltage shocks to Dadi. Baby hears him. He is going. Yuvani sits with Dadi and holds her hand. She asks Dadi to not fear, not anything will occur to you, you need to get fantastic. Baby sees the device. Vase falls down. Yuvani asks who’s there and exams. Baby hides. Dadi coughs. Yuvani is going to name physician. Baby is going and adjustments the system settings to top voltage. She is going.

Suhani thinks the shocks don’t seem to be just right for Dadi. Yuvraaj says physician is in a position, come. She asks him to head. She says I will be able to come later, its imp to compare handwritings. Everyone is with Dadi. Pratima asks physician to let Yuvraaj and Suhani come. Yuvraaj comes and says Suhani gained’t come. Suhani runs away with the papers. Suhani asks him to prevent. Doctor

asks them to head out. Everyone pass out. Yuvraaj remains with Dadi.

Tiger drops the papers. Suhani choices it. Tiger takes Dadi’s photograph body. Suhani follows him. He makes diya fall on percent and burns percent. Suhani places water on percent. Tiger barks. Suhani asks tiger to prevent. Doctor says we’re in a position. Krishna asks how is Dadi. Tiger comes there and barks. Krishna will get scared. Tiger barks at Baby. Saiyyam asks what came about. Suhani comes and says tiger is indignant and barking so much, he burnt Dadi’s percent. Saiyyam asks what came about tiger. He says Tiger is making an attempt to mention one thing, there’s something fallacious, we will move inside of and notice.

Suhani and everybody input room. Suhani stops physician. Yuvraaj asks what came about. Tiger jumps and throws the pinnacle equipment. It will get brief circuit or even system explodes. They all get surprised. Suhani scolds physician. He says I don’t know what came about. Yuvani says he’s pronouncing proper. Pratima and Suhani say its now not proper for Dadi. Yuvraaj says advantageous, we gained’t do that physician. Baby will get indignant.

Krishna will get scared seeing Tiger. She shouts for lend a hand. Saiyyam comes and says prevent it Krishna, he gained’t consume it. She says he’s frightening. He says you’re frightening, he needs to play with you. She says he will have to be deserving of affection. He says he’s, you will have to learn how to love him if you wish to be with him, whenever you attempt to love him, then you are going to understand he’s deserving. He asks Tiger to return and is going. Krishna thinks why did I think Saiyyam stated his center out, through telling about Tiger.

Yuvraaj apologizes to Suhani. She says Tiger stored Dadi, I leave out Snoopi, he stored me. She hugs him. She says Tiger knew one thing improper used to be going to occur. He says we will be able to make it effective, let’s fit the handwriting. Baby appears on. She thinks they fooled me, now they are going to know I did this. They see a paper and says Yuvani….. Baby will get relieved. Suhani says Yuvani is my daughter, it does now not imply we doubt on her, even Baby can’t do that, she has drawback with me, now not Yuvani, either one of them are unsure. He says there’s one approach to in finding fact.

Suhani is going to speak to Yuvani. Yuvani asks are you indignant for surprise remedy concept. Suhani says no, you stated that for Dadi’s just right. Yuvani says sure, you perhaps dissatisfied as I advised about sending Dadi to previous age house. Suhani says I felt dangerous. Yuvani says I don’t need to ship her away, where is like 5 celebrity lodge, I will be able to display pics. She opens the door and a skeleton falls. Yuvani does now not react a lot. Baby screams seeing skeleton and shouts for lend a hand. Yuvraaj appears on. Baby thinks I knew this used to be your plan, so I did appearing.

Yuvani asks Suhani to peer Yuvaan’s early life acts. Suhani asks did you now not get scared. Yuvani says no, I do know Yuvaan. Suhani asks why did you do that with Dadi, why are you blackmailing Dadi. Yuvani asks what. Yuvraaj comes. Yuvani argue with Suhani for blaming her and blames Suhani. She is going. Yuvraaj says actual offender will probably be alert through this. She asks Baby’s response He says she were given scared. Yuvaan comes and says Doctor is looking. They move to Dadi. Suhani stands at door. Dadi holds Yuvraaj’s hand. Pratima smiles and asks did you determine him. Dadi leaves his hand and says Suresh, how dare you take a seat beside me. She scolds him. She asks Pratima about Suhani. Pratima asks her to recall extra. Dadi asks who’s Suhani. Pratima asks her to take relaxation. They all get unhappy.

Suhani says we need to make Dadi recall. Bhavna says we will be able to play some recreation, I will be able to act like Suhani in dumbcharades.


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