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Spoilers 9th October 2018

Perfect Pati:
Vidhi and Pushkar get married in front of the family. Pushkar refuses to fill sindoor in Vidhi’s maang, which makes everyone tensed. Pushkar leaves from the mandap shocking, raising questions in everyone’s mind. He gets his ancestral sword and cuts this thumb to fill blood sindoor in Vidhi’s hairline, like a true Rajput. This brings a proud moment for Rajshri. Vidhi and her family get amazed with Pushkar’s move. On the other hand, Rangeela proceeds to marry Vidhi, but realizes that its Bela in the bride’s place.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:
Anupriya is worried for Kalyani. They ask the police about the bus accident. Kalyani was travelling in the same bus. Anupriya breaks down seeing Kalyani’s name in the deceased people list. Inspector Malhaar informs the that Kalyani, whose name is in the list is some aged women. Anupriya gets relieved knowing her Kalyani isn’t dead. Atharv tries to find Kalyani. Kalyani has insulted the temple rituals. Village Sarpanch sends goons to catch her. Kalyani gets trapped. Atharv tries to protect her on Anupriya’s order

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