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Spoilers 31st October 2018


Ranvir gets angry on Roop for exposing his lie in front of Ishika. Ishika couldn’t bear that Ranvir lied to her, whatever may be the reason. She gets upset with him. Kinjal tells Roop that he did right to expose Ranvir and now Ishika knows his lie. Kamla says Ishika is a girl of self-esteem and truthful and she can’t bear Ranvir’s lie. Kanchan asks Ishika to forgive Roop, but she refuses. Ranvir calls Ishika and tries to talk to her. He says sorry and says I will say you sorry until you forgive me. Ishika ends the call ignoring his words. Ranvir gets furious and thinks to ruin Roop’s life.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
There is a new Nikaah drama in Kabeer’s house again. Kabeer is marrying Ruksar once again, just to know if she is really in coma or not. He wants Ruksar to speak up when she is asked her consent for marriage. Zeenat decks up Ruksar for the big day. She also wants Ruksar to come out of the coma state. Kabeer and Zara create this big drama. Moreover, they involve the family in their plan. Kabeer fulfills Ruksar’s dream.

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