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Spoilers 1st November 2018

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep wants to know the new enemy of his family. Deep manages to save Vasundara. He has to find the person who attacked his Maasi. Aarohi acts clumsy and sticks to her disguise. She wants to kill her enemies and fulfill her revenge. Deep and Tara come to the hospital to meet Maasi. Abhimanyu and Aarohi take the disguise of medical team. They torture Maasi again. Aarohi warns Maasi. She asks Maasi not to reveal the truth, else she will get killed.


Meera decides to visit a temple and pray for her relation. She believes that everything will get fine once she worships in the temple. She wants Vivaan and her life to get on track. Tulika creates obstacles for Meera again. Tulika acts like a good bahu in front of the family. She influences Meera to change her decision. Meera tells Tulika about the evil powers ruining Vivaan and her relation. She is determined to get rid of the black magic.

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