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Spoilers 11th October 2018

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika and Bhoomi get busy in performing the puja rituals for Ved’s recovery. Bhoomi rushes to get the water. Vedika gets scared for Ved’s life. She finds Ved hanging down the terrace and screams. Vedika gets this illusion because of Nisha. She drops the water pot and gives up the rituals. She rushes to save Ved. She then finds Ved with Sahil. She hugs Ved. Ved tells her that he is fine. Badi Amma scolds her for not fulfilling the rituals well. Bhoomi succeeds to complete the rituals. Bhoomi was embarrassed that she couldn’t complete the last Tapasya. She impresses Sahil this time. Nisha wants to break Vedika and Bhoomi’s friendly bond.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Tara attacks Aarohi again. Aarohi runs away to get saved. She then takes a disguise to mislead Tara. She just wants to save her unborn child. Virat and his goons reach Aarohi once again. She realizes the danger and runs away. She doesn’t know how much she would be running to save her life. She gets fed up and curses her fate for putting her in such a situation.

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