Shani 20th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Shani 20th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Surya Dev says I wont prevent myself lately Shani. You will probably be punished for crossing your limits. I will be able to see if you’ll be able to undergo my warmth nowadays or now not. Shani says I’m in a position. Surya Dev gathers his energies. Everyone is blinded via the sunshine that emanates from him. Shani raises his weapon to push back the sunshine / warmth. Their powers collide. Surya Dev shouts in ache. Sanghya shouts his identify in fear. Shani notices Chhaya and will get mindful. Sanghya notices it too. Shani recalls Sanghya telling him that his mom is in her ft. He withdraws his weapon however best after extracting Surya Dev’s whole heat. Dev Vishwakarma thinks upon Mahadev. This will spoil the arena. Help us Mahadev.

Shani pronounces that Devraj misplaced. Make him our captive. Rahu captures Surya Dev in chains. He pulls Surya Dev thus making

him kneel down prior to Shani. Shani assists in keeping his weapon at the floor and walks as much as Surya Dev. He gets rid of his crown. Surya Dev seems to be at him disenchanted. Shani assists in keeping the crown sooner than Surya Dev. He notices Sanghya leaving from there in anger and Surya Dev observing him pointedly.

Sanghya paces in her room. She recollects the ache and insult Surya Dev needed to undergo as a result of Shani. She hits issues angrily. Dev Vishwakarma says thi isn’t just your drawback anymore. It is the issue all of the global is dealing with now. Shani is Mahadev’s advent. He can clear up it. Sanghya denies. Not Mahadev however I created this drawback. I know the way to take on it. He asks her what she needs to do however she refuses to inform him. Leave me on my own. He complies.

Surya Dev struggles together with his chains and so does Yam and Indra Dev. Shani comes there. He goals his weapon at Yam who will get loose from the chains however an invisible barrier blocks his trail. He does similar to Indra Dev and Surya Dev too. Rahu additionally comes there. Today used to be superb. You defeated Surya Dev. Now we need to achieve keep an eye on over Surya Loka too. Shani concurs. But it wont occur as a result of I’ve gained it. it is going to be gained as this is the place my mom misplaced herself. I couldn’t get her her proper. I will be able to get her her revenge atleast!

Brahma Dev and Lord Vishnu ask Mahadev until when will they see Shani behaving like this. Dev Vishwakarma additionally asks Mahadev how he can let the Karamfaldata do incorrect deeds. How are you able to let him sway from his trail? He has to deliver everybody to the proper trail as an alternative! Stop him ahead of he destroys the whole thing. Mahadev says he’s faulty as he does now not know the cause of his lifestyles. It is time to make him acutely aware of the similar Narayan. He closes his eyes and says Nandi. Nandi seems there. Nandi greets Mahadev. Mahadev says there is not any larger devotee of mine than Nandi. There isn’t any order of mine which he can not practice. There isn’t any unhappy center in global which Nandi can not come. Bring Shani prior to me so I will be able to inform him the that means / reason of his lifestyles. Once he understands that, he’s going to depart all this himself. Nandi nods.

A woman hides on every occasion folks pass from there. It seems to be Devi Sanghya. She drops the burqa and is going down stealthily. She hides seeing Kakol. Kakol tells anyone that nobody can assault on Kaak Loka now. There isn’t any Dev or Asura anymore. Kakol turns feeling somebody’s presence however does now not see any person. He is going from there.

Sanghya is going to the place Surya Dev is. She tries achieving out to him however the invisible wall blocks her method. He extends his hand however the wall does now not allow them to meet. Yam calls out to his mom. She encounters the similar factor there. Both Sanghya and Yam are teary eyed. She laments over her circle of relatives’s situation. The one you have been considering to give an explanation for made you meet this destiny! Surya Dev says Mahadev made him Karamfaldata. Now he best will remedy this example. She denies. We can not glance as much as Mahadev for the whole thing. I will be able to do no matter is to be achieved now. You are Surya Dev who can give heat to whole global. I’ve accomplished tapasya to undergo it. There is just one answer now. Our powers in combination can end Shani. Surya Dev says we don’t need to kill him. It is necessary to convey him at the proper trail. She adjustments her phrases instantly. I additionally need to do the similar. In your absence it’s my responsibility to offer protection to our house. I’m your spouse. Give me your heat. Surya Dev provides her his heat. Go and convey that Shani at the proper trail. Sanghya thinks Shani has given her and her circle of relatives sufficient ache. Now I will be able to end you!

Precap: Nandi provides Mahadev’s message to Shani. He has requested you to satisfy him. Shani says he should come himself if he has to satisfy me!


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