Scientists claim existence of drowned Pacific Ocean continent

SYDNEY: A continent two-thirds the dimensions of Australia has been discovered underneath the south-west Pacific Ocean, scientists reported within the magazine of the Geological Society of America.

Scientists claim existence of drowned Pacific Ocean continent
Scientists claim existence of drowned Pacific Ocean continent

The land mass of four.five million sq. kilometers (1.74 million sq. miles) is 94 % underwater and most effective its very best issues – New Zealand and New Caldeonia – poke above the outside.

“It’s fairly irritating for us geologists with the oceans being there,” stated Nick Mortimer, a geologist at GNS Science in Dunedin, New Zealand.

“If shall we pull the plug at the oceans it might be transparent to everybody we have now mountain chains and a large high-standing continent above the sea crust.”

Mortimer used to be lead writer of the paper titled “Zealandia: Earth’s hidden continent” which says the brand new discoveries turn out what had lengthy been suspected.

“Since concerning the 1920s, every so often in geology papers folks used the phrase ‘continental’ to explain more than a few portions of New Zealand and the Catham Islands and New Caledionia,” Mortimer stated.

“The distinction now’s that we really feel we have accrued sufficient knowledge to switch ‘continental’ to the noun, ‘continent’.”

Mortimer stated geologists early within the earlier century had discovered granite from sub-antarctic islands close to New Zealand and metaphormic rocks on New Caledonia that have been indicative of continental geology.

If the hot discovery is approved by way of the clinical group, cartographers will more than likely have so as to add an 8th continent to long run maps and atlases.

“The paper we’ve got written unashamedly sticks to empirical observations and outlines,” Mortimer stated. “The litmus check will actually be if ‘Zealandia’ seems in maps and atlases in 5 or 10 yr’s time.””Zealandia” is thought to have damaged clear of Australia about 80 million years in the past and sank underneath the ocean as phase of the get a divorce of the super-continent referred to as Gondwanaland.


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