Santoshi Maa 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

AND TV Santoshi Maa 27th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

The Episode begins with Santoshi Maa appearing the trojan horse to Brahmadev. She asks is epidemic much less on earth that extra are despatched, if people see such insects, they are going to assume its some crisis, and lose believe in Lord. Brahmadev comes down to peer the malicious program. He shouts this isn’t my advent, who created this. Devi Paulmi worries. Santoshi Maa says my recommendation is you get this examined, wrongdoer will probably be infront folks. Brahmadev asks them to ship the in devguru lab, it’s going to be examined after which I will be able to take choice. Everyone nod.

Seshnath, Daksha and Madhuri act and collapse. Sharmili wakes up and asks Guddu to get up. Sharmili says how did we faint. They see elders fallen on floor. She says what came about to them. They ask elders to get up. Sharmili says I m getting dizzy. Guddu says me too, how did they

faint. They see the home tousled.

She says I feel thief got here right here. She runs and sees her room and cabinet. She calls out Guddu. They all get up and act. They move to Sharmili. Sharmili hugs Guddu and cries. She says all my jewellery were given stolen. Guddu cries and says we were given ruined. Madhuri, Seshnath and Daksha act. Seshnath cries. Madhuri and Daksha run to test their cabinets and shout that their jewellery could also be stolen. They all cry aloud. Guddu hugs Seshnath through believing him.

Its morning, Trishna does workout via observing video. She says this child is price ticket to stick on this space. Devi Paulmi says as soon as your child is available in global, your issues will finish. She asks Pushpa to get juice for her. Santoshi asks Pushpa to provide key to Kaka. Trishna says now Santoshi’s appreciate were given extra. Devi Paulmi says how dare Santoshi harm my advent. She sends some gentle.

Trishna’s child will get gentle. The gentle moves Santoshi. The knife flies in air and is set to hit Santoshi. Devi Paulmi laughs. Santoshi sees the knife coming against her and falls down. The knife falls beside. Dhairya comes there and sees Santoshi harm. Kaka and Rudrakshi fear. Dhairya asks Kaka to name physician. He takes Santoshi to room.

Kaka calls physician. Kamini seems on. Gaumata says how can this occur via a child’s impact. Guddu says how did all of us faint in combination. Daksha says I will be able to give an explanation for, I were given mad to do Santoshi Maa’s puja. She throws aarti plate and says I gained’t let somebody on this space do puja. Guddu and Sharmili react. Seshnath says Daksha is true. Guddu says you all were given mad.

Daksha will get Santoshi Maa’s photograph to throw it. Guddu and Sharmili ask her to prevent. Sharmili asks them to provide photograph and takes it. Seshnath kicks Guddu. Daksha says high quality, stay photograph, I will be able to consume lemon in meals for those who do puja. Guddu says robbery didn’t occur through doing puja. Daksha argues. Sharmili says we will be able to do puja.

Doctor tests Santoshi. She says she didn’t get inside damage, she were given swelling, it is going to get nice. Dhairya asks Pushpa to get water for Santoshi. Kaka asks how did you fall abruptly. Santoshi says I used to be getting tea and fell down. Devi Paulmi says Trishna’s child is her protector, I will be able to hassle you by the use of that child.

Gaumata says Devi Paulmi is developing hurdles by way of the medium of this child. Kaka says you are going to get high quality quickly. Dhairya asks are you a lot harm. She says I m high-quality Kaka. Doctor says I gave her painkiller, she might be positive in 24 hours, give her medications at night time. Kaka thank you physician. Doctor is going. Kaka and Dhairya ask Santoshi to relaxation.

Santoshi says I m effective, I m going to make tea. Kaka says no, Pushpa will do paintings. Trishna and Kamini glance on. Trishna thinks how did Santoshi fall, is that this Devi Paulmi’s miracle. She says how did Santoshi give way. Gaumata says Trishna will have to get punished. Santoshi Maa says grasping people need to feel sorry about eventually. A sevak comes and says Brahmadev requested you to return in devsabha. Gaumata says its just right information, I feel Devi Paulmi’s secret will pop out. Sevak asks Devi Paulmi to return in devsabha. Devi Paulmi says this name is as a result of that computer virus, what shall I do now.

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