Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th February 2017 Written Episode

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The episode begins with hanuman achieving the gates of sutal lok. He says how to go into this lok? There shatanand is sitting on his throne and he begins gaining powers and a blur lightning involves his frame and shatanand is getting energy from that. Lord ram says after hanuman comes he’s going to assault shatanand with the brahma astra. Angad says lord ram hanuman will take time to return and shatanand is gaining energy so assault now and he may also be defeated.
There hanuman is status on the gates of sutal lok and he tries breaking the gate and pushes it repeatedly however falls again. Mayasur laughs and says monkey you can not input sutal lok and it’s guarded. Hanuman makes use of his gadha to damage the gate nevertheless it doesn’t. mayasur thinks the gate is guarded via lord Vishnu himself and it is going to be a laugh

to peer hanuman struggle towards Vishnu as he doesn’t know the gate is guarded through lord Vishnu. Hanuman then see a bolt of sunshine guarding the gate after which he assists in keeping mayasur caught in 2 stones after which kneels down to wish. Mayasur thinks my powers don’t paintings in sutal lok and I cant break out from right here. Hanuman kneels and says lord, the person who protects the gate of sutal lok, please permit me to go into this lok as I’ve come right here for lord ram’s paintings. A voice says I do know hanuman however I gave my promise to the king of sutal lok maharaj bali that I might offer protection to this lok. Hanuman then says this voice is acquainted. He says lord I want to lend a hand my lord for whom I serve. Hanuman then thinks and recalls the tale he used to be informed when he used to be younger about king bali of sutal lok and the guard who used to be lord Vishnu himself. Hanuman says lord Vishnu I didn’t realize it used to be you and lord ram is your shape and I serve him. i want to input this lok. Lord Vishnu seems and smiles. Hanuman sits after which sings a prayer for lord Vishnu in his candy voice. The king of sutal lok bali hears this from inside of his palace in sutal lok. He says who’s making a song this candy music for my lord and I will be able to meet him.
There angad says we’re ready too lengthy lord ram. Lord ram says I will be able to stay the barhma astra and primary assault any other tough weapon the yama astra of yamraj. Lord ram gets rid of the arrow. Shatanand sees and says this guy goes to assault the yama astra.
There maharaj bali comes out close to hanuman and says pricey monkey who’re you? And you sang an overly stunning track for my lord Vishnu. Hanuman says I’m mahabali hanuman and I’m a devoted servant of lord ram. I’ve come right here to finish a role for lord ram in order that he can defeat shatanand and I’ve to head from this lok to the remaining lok the place I will be able to get the weapon for killing shatanand. Maharaj bali says sure hanuman you’ll be able to move from right here for the duty of lord ram however within the final lok, you need to reach the weapon from nagvasu and it is rather tricky to persuade him. bali says I will be able to take you to the doorway for the following lok, the talatal lok which is of mayasur himself. Hanuman ties mayasur together with his tail, bali says tie him very tight as mayasur will develop into very tough in his lok and keep alert. Bali takes hanuman and hanuman is going within the front, the doorway closes.
Hanuman enters with mayasur. Suddenly mayasur disappears. Hanuman sees at the back of and doest see mayasur. Suddenly from down a sticky subject matter seems and hanuman is tied by way of the sticky subject matter. Hanuman says what is that this? Mayasur seems and laughs and says that is my lok talatal lok and her handiest I make everybody captive.

Precap: mayasur says I will be able to break all of the lok’s with earth itself and I’ve that energy in my guns right here which can assault everybody. The guns are in a position and all of the lok’s are shaking. Hanuman says he has to prevent the ones guns and save everybody.


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