Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Sony TV Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

The episode begins with shulka in tears and she or he touches her abdomen and cries pronouncing no! hanuman says I’ve to offer protection to her as she is pregnant despite the fact that she is a monster. Hanuman disappears the diya, then together with his gadha he flies very rapid against shulka and stands in entrance of her. All t6he spikes hit him after which collapse and burn and burst. Shulka is surprised and thinks why he’s saving her?
In heaven, lord Shankar yells parvati that hanuman stored her as a result of he is aware of a lady will have to now not be attacked particularly pregnant. Parvati says that sure and I am hoping shulka is aware of hanuman is just right and taking revenge on him wont be the suitable factor.
There after the spikes, shulka recalls how mahiravana used to be killed through hanuman. She tells hanuman that monkey despite the fact that you stored me, I will be able to

now not assist you to are living and I will be able to kill you after which kill ram and laxman for what you all have accomplished. Shulka woth her energy opens a hollow within the floor which fits to hell. She says now I will be able to pass to hell and my powers will building up much more after which I will be able to kill you simply. Shulka is going in. hanuman says however why is she doing this and I want to know, what if she is going to ayodhya and assaults the folk there, I shall apply her. Hanuman is going in too.
There sita says to lord ram that hanuman has taken time and he will have to have come by way of now.
Shulka lands in hell. She laughs and says my energy have greater and now I will be able to kill that monkey. As hanuman comes down, hanuman says perhaps this can be a lure for me and I will have to return and whole the duty. Hanuman is going up once more, shulak sees and says I wont help you move, she places a spell from which black fog comes and it ties hanuman. Hanuman is tied and says what is that this black fog? I’ve to speak to this monster what drawback she has? Hanuman together with his powers breaks the bonds and lands down.
He says mata what have we carried out to you that you’re attacking me and need to kill me? Shulka laughs and says so that you don’t know, you killed my son’s father mahiravana and I’m his spouse shulka. Hanuman listens. Shulka says you took a father from his son and my husband and for that I wont depart you as you cheated and killed him. hanuman says no mata, mahiravana cheated and he abducted lord ram and brother laxman after which sought after to kill them of their subconscious state of affairs however he used to be punished for his sins. Shulka says so now I will be able to punish you and ram and laxman via killing you. Shulka claps and claps and claps. Then from the caves massive scorpions pop out. Shulka says assault this monkey and kill him. scorpions come and assault hanuman. Hanuman tackles the scorpion together with his gadha. There all at once shulka’s abdomen begins paining and now her son is popping out. Shulka says son that is the correct time and are available out and take revenge on your fathers demise. Shulka disappears and is going in a pond and sits inside of, she is screaming in ache and says pop out son ahiravana and kill that monkey and his lord for killing your father, she screams pop out.
There hanuman betas the scorpions together with his gadha after which throws them away. The scorpions pass within the cave however extra come again. Hanuman fights them and blinds each and every by way of hitting their eyes, the scorpions pass.
Hanuman then hears shulka screaming and he sees her shadow the place she is screaming. There shulka screams and says pop out son. The son comes out and is within the pond. Shulka says son now you’ll kill hanuman and ram and laxman. Hanuman sees the shadow of the son and it immediately develop sup. There shulka dies. Hanuman sees and says what a monster he’s? And he grew all at once into a person. The son ahiravana cries and he seems like mahiravana. He says your dying won’t move futile mom. Ahiravna comes and stands in entrance of hanuman. He says I’ve all of the powers my father had and I will be able to kill you.

Precap: bharat says brother ram we need to get started and hanuman is taking time to return. There ahiravana assaults hanuman as hanuman stand together with his gadha in a position to struggle.

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