Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd February 2017 Written Update Episode

The episode begins with lord Shankar showing in entrance of and he tells lord ram that he wishes to wish to all of the nine gods of kundli and they’re going to supply him gentle. Lord ram says sure and he begins praying.
By then, on earth darkness comes and shatanand is hiding in his palace, he says I will be able to assault laxman and ram’s spouse sita too with my energy. Darkness is approaching earth and laxman says mata sita shatanand has used his energy of darkness over lanka and he’s going to quickly ship his bureaucracy to assault us and we need to keep alert now.
There the nine gods are inspired by way of lord ram’s prayers separately they usually give their gentle and the brightness turns into tricky for the bureaucracy to struggle however they nonetheless proceed their battle. Vibhishan tells hanuman that shatanand is hiding in his palace

and if all this needs to be stopped then shatanand needs to be killed within the palace. Hanuman says he’s going to move and in finding shatanand within the palace. Sugreeva and his 2 commanders say even they are going to include him to struggle along hanuman. Hanuman consents they usually move to the palace. Father tells shatanand that hanuman is coming together with his three pals to seek out them. Shatanand laughs and says right here in his palace there’s best darkness and they’re coming against their demise and I will be able to now not depart somebody as a result of I’ve a secret weapon that’s the darkish smartly and I will be able to kick everybody into the darkish smartly.
On earth, laxman says I think one thing dangerous and tells mata sita and everybody to head inside of as they are going to be protected there. Mata sita blesses laxman and is going. Laxman remains alert. Suddenly three kinds of shatanand seem. Laxman will get indignant and the bureaucracy say you can not defeat us meagre human. Laxman assaults three arrows and the bureaucracy are killed and was ashes. But the ones black ashes come again and the bureaucracy are doubled. Laxman says you can not move thru me and I wont let you hurt someone, I will be able to stay on attacking all of you prefer this. Laxman assaults once more and all of the bureaucracy develop into ashes however the ashes come again and the types of shatanand are doubled once more.
There lord ram fights the kinds of shatanand however they get double too. Lord ram says the ashes are changing into double of shatanand’s bureaucracy and hanuman has to do one thing.
In the palace hanuman sugreeva and a couple of commanders are there they usually struggle the kinds of shatanand guarding the palace. One shape runs and tells shatanand that the monkey hanuman is coming. Shatanand then smiles and he then closes the darkish smartly located in between the palace. Hanuman sugreeva and the commanders come close to the darkish smartly and unexpectedly hanuman understands it’s a lure, hanuman says brother this can be a lure and we need to get out, however through then shatanand closes the doorways. Hanuman says brothers don’t transfer and keep alert as somebody would possibly assault from both means. Shatanand comes together with his bureaucracy and abruptly everyone seems to be attacked. Hanuman fights 1 shape and the commanders battle the froms with their gadha. Suddenly the darkish smartly is opened by way of shatanand and the bureaucracy kick the two commanders of sugreeva in the dead of night smartly. Sugreeva is surprised and he pushes the shape at the back of attacking him and sees within the smartly, the commanders are falling inside of. Hanuman kicks the shape and sees within the smartly too. Sugreeva is indignant and unhappy.

Precap: hanuman catches hang of dad and says an individual such as you needs to be talked with assaults. Hanuman assaults father.


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