Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The episode begins with hanuman status at the moon and earth. After his typhoon blow, shatanand’s planet is published. Hanuman says this seems like a planet and has a palace too, it’s shatanand’s planet. Hanuman places everybody on the earth and lord ram and hanuman is going and takes his commonplace measurement. Hanuman says see lord that is shatanands planet. Shatanands voice says so that you all have come right here and I will be able to kill everybody of you.
Hanuman says in case you are so robust then are available entrance folks and battle my lord ram. Shatanand will get indignant and all his fiery heads seem. Everyone is surprised they usually say those heads are so fearsome. Hanuman thinks iniquity all the time loses on the other hand tough it can be. Hanuman says come and struggle head to head shatanand. Shatanand comes and is indignant, he comes

strolling and stands massive in measurement. He says I lured all of you to return on my planet and also you got here, now my anger is sufficient to burn you all right here. Hanuman says iniquity is what you and ravana have in not unusual and this is the reason you are going to die. Vibhishan says wait brother. Shatanand says brother? Who referred to as me brother? Shatanand says then that so my more youthful brother who’s a traitor has come too and now even you’ll die, I will be able to individually kill you. vibhishan says no brother, even brother ravana walked the trail of iniquity and ego as a result of which he used to be killed for his sins. Even you’re strolling the similar trail brother and please don’t do this as I will not see some other brother die and please exchange your self brother. Shatanand says you’re a traitor vibhishan and don’t dare to make me perceive and I will be able to kill you as soon as I’ve killed everybody and this reasonable monkey and his reasonable lord. Hanuman says the only whom you’re calling reasonable is the type of lord Vishnu himself and he lives in the entirety. shatanand says now I will be able to display you all my energy. Shatanand tells all his heads assault!!
The fiery heads of shatanand come on floor and each and every head turns right into a type of shatanand. Hanuman says I’ve to save lots of my monkey brothers. There shatanand sits on a stone throne and watches the struggle.
Some types of shatanand fly and are available between the military. They assault and kill many monkey squaddies. The squaddies inform lord ram for lend a hand. Everyone assault, lord ram assaults arrows. Hanuman hits them together with his gadha and everybody battle the varieties of shatanand. All of them die. Everyone is excited however shatanand is at the throne and he says nobody can kill my varieties of shatanand and they’re going to stay on coming again. The shatanand bureaucracy come again and everybody snort and this time they’re doubled. As everybody is set to assault, hanuman says no wait! Stop everybody. Hanuman says the military become double and the extra we kill the extra will seem. Lord ram says so we need to be able to eliminate them with out doing away with blood from their our bodies. Sugreeva says how do we do this lord?
There shatanand thinks so this monkey understood my tactic however nonetheless on my planet not anything will occur to me and everybody will die. Hanuman there thinks after which says I do know a tactic and it used to be of pushpamitra and he killed an enemy with out taking away blood and that’s by way of the use of hand techniques and in addition choking them. Hanuman says take a look at me and do as I do. Hanuman is going after which turns his hand round one shape’s chest and it dies as his neck breaks. The commanders be informed this and sugreeva jambhuvan, angad and everybody struggle like this.

Precap: shatanand will get up and he says now I will be able to kill all of you right here. Shatanand walks against the everybody.


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