Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Sony TV Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

The episode begins with parvati pronouncing that praying for lord Shankar could be very tricky and devi laxmi the spouse of lord Vishnu needed to undergo a large number of difficulties. Hanuman says what’s the tale mata. Parvati says sure hanuman, she then says as soon as lord Vishnu and laxmi have been there and devi laxmi used to be serving lord Vishnu, she then requested him to vow her and all the time stay her in his center. Lord Vishnu stated laxmi I cant do this despite the fact that I need to and most effective mahadev can grant you that want, laxmi says then I will be able to pray to mahadev. Then devi laxmi began praying for lord Shankar and for years she prayed underneath all cases and ultimate even sacrificed items of her frame flesh. After years lord Shankar gave the impression and he then introduced devi laxmi again to how she seemed and lovely she used to be. Lord Shankar

then requested what’s your want devi laxmi? Devi laxmi requested lord Shankar that she sought after her to stick in lord vishnu’s center eternally and nobody else. Lord Shankar granted her the want, then devi laxmi requested that how may just the folk in kalyug ask any want for lord Shankar and she or he needed to undergo such a lot to provoke him. Lord Shankar smiled and stated your sacrifice of your frame flesh wont move waste after which the hearth glowed and a plant got here out of it which used to be the bel plant, lord Shankar says from now my Pooja can be carried out with bel leaves or even the people from kalyug will take pleasure in it. hanuman says this is great mata. Parvati and lord Shankar say hanuman whilst going take bel leaves too and parvati says hanuman take the bel leaves that are blank and now not eaten by way of bugs and consider don’t pluck them after the solar units. Lord Shankar says hanuman don’t stay the aatma ling on floor in a different way it is going to identify there itself. Hanuman says sure lord, now I will be able to pass, he says pranam prabhu pranam mata and does pranama to nandi ji and hanuman is going.
He then reaches the bel tree in Kailash wooded area. There jambhuvan says we didn’t get bel leaves and we are hoping hanuman brings them too. Hanuman then is plucking the leaves however the solar units, hanuman stops and says he’s going to keep there for the night time and pluck when the solar rises as mata stated it will have to now not be plucked after solar set. Hanuman remains underneath the tree the night time with the aatma ling, subsequent day the solar rises and hanuman will get as much as pluck the leaves, he then sees bugs and piplika at the leaves, he says what do I do now? Hanuman then sees a bee hive and says sure he has an concept. Hanuman gets rid of the honey and places it at the stems, all of the bugs get interested in the honey and hanuman then gets rid of the leaves. He then departs to lord ram.
There sita says lord ram, hanuman has now not but come and we will have to get started the Pooja through making the shiv ling from the dust handiest because the time goes. Lord ram consents and makes the shiv ling and sita and lord ram get ready for the Pooja. Hanuman reaches and has the aatma ling and bel leaves, he sees the shiv ling made through lord ram and thinks lord ram didn’t watch for me, didn’t he agree with me? and it method I failed my process .hanuman could be very unhappy and jambhuvan says see hanuman has come. Sita sees hanuman and sees he’s unhappy, she thinks she hasn’t ever noticed hanuman so unhappy. Hanuman says pranam after which says lord ram, you didn’t watch for me and I introduced the aatma ling however now please use this too lord. Lord ram says hanuman, I’ve already made this shivling and aatma ling can’t be used when I’ve established a brand new shiv ling and it will be disrespectful. Hanuman says lord then the aatma ling has little need and I shall go back it, lord ram stops hanuman. Suddenly lord Shankar seems. Everyone do pranam. Lord Shankar says hanuman you didn’t fail and your process has been a success. Hanuman says when the aatma ling wot be used how is my process a success? Lord Shankar says hanuman the shiv ling that lord ram made can be from lately referred to as the gods shiv ling and the aatma ling that you are going to stay will probably be recognized the disciples shiv ling and the individuals who will come right here to wish, this position shall be referred to as rameshwaram. Hanuman is excited. Lord Shankar is going as everybody say mahadev ki jai.
Hanuman and lord ram do the Pooja of each shiv lings as they’re established. Sita says now we will pass lord ram as brother bharat will have to be ready in a different way he would possibly burn himself.

Precap: lord ram says we will be able to first take the blessings of hanuman’s parents. Hanuman says however lord brother Bharat is ready and he’s going to step into burning fireplace.

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