Sacrifices (3)

In the haweli, Tejaswini is making a song aarti with everybody (Bhagya, Ragini, Ansh, Sucha, Sakshi, Imaan and two different males) provide there. While everybody has closed their eyes one guy holds Ragini’s hand.

“Shhh Aditya!” Ragini shispered “What are you doing?”

“Romancing with my spouse” spoke back Aditya.

“Adi…center of attention in pooja…now it does now not go well with us…we’ve were given a month previous son now” stated Ragini

“Okk…so see them” Aditya stated pointing against Bhagya and the opposite guy who have been retaining palms “Arjun Sir and Bhagya di also are romancing and Sakshi, their daughter, she has passes faculty now. But the issue here’s, my spouse doesn’t love me anymore”

Aditya will get annoyedand closes his eyes. Ragini kisses him on his cheek however he may just now not react as aarti used to be over and everybody opened eyes once more.

Vivaan is speaking to somebody

“The physician advised that there is not any development in his situation” Vivaan stated.

“His well being situation does now not topic” stated the person (simply believe face now not proven) “But he will have to be alive. And you already know why.”

“Yes, as a result of him handiest Chakor and Imli don’t try to run away or disobey us” Vivaan stated

“Yeah proper. Chakor is an overly sensible chook. She can body any plan to break out and Imli can do anything else. But now they can not do anything else as a result of Suraj is on this situation.” The guy stated

“Right sir” stated Vivaan. The guy gave him an signal to go away and he left from the room.

“Ouuu” Sucha shouted “Ahhhh”

“What came about?” Everyone requested

“My tummy is hurting so much…i don’t assume i will be able to pass to university nowadays” she stated.

“Ouu” cried Imaan

“Now what?” Bhagya requested

“My head is hurting…i additionally can not move to university” Imaan stated.

“Why are you each mendacity? You by no means did drama for college ahead of?” Aditya stated

“Yes…and your homework could also be complete…then why?” Sakshi stated.

“Because….as a result of…” Imaan muttered they usually each began crying.

“Because…unn….he teases us…unn” sucha stated crying.

Hii….Sakshi is performed by Tara Sutaria(Vinnie in suite lifetime of Karan and Kabir)….Sucha by Ruhanika Dhawan(Ruhi/Pihu in yhm)….and Imaan by Shivansh Kotia(Naksh in yrkkh)….

Sacrifices (three) .

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