Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th April 2017 Written Update Episode,

Jaggi seems to be at Gopi’s photograph angrily and assists in keeping it again. Gopi watches from door and feels responsible that she didn’t assume even in her goals that Jaggi would hate her. Jai and Veeru get ready recover quickly card for Jaggi and show it to Kokila. Kokila says it’s just right. They each say they can not see Jaggi like this, if he does now not recuperate quickly, they’re going to now not communicate to him. Kokila says they will have to now not get indignant on pricey ones and lend a hand them as an alternative. She walks out. Seeta hears that and thinks Baa gave her a just right answer, she want to move to Ricky’s lodge and in finding out what is going on with him.

Kokila enters Jaggi’s room and asks how is he. Jaggi says he’s respiring. She converses and says Rakesh (guy who took Jaggi to medical institution) gave his assets, the entirety used to be provide except for locket and chain. Jaggi says anyone stole it and he recalls subconsciously somebody taking it. Kokila says how ruthless they’re to clutch his locket as an alternative of taking him to document. A couple of days in the past, a person snatches his locket and chain and ran, however Gaura stuck him and insisted to let her polish it and go back him, however he took it again, hope he would have given it to Gaura. He says who will maintain maa now. Kokila says he don’t need to fear and walks out. She thinks why Gaura sought after locket, Urvashi used to be dressed in locket when somebody slashed her neck, seems like Gaura is hooked up in all this.

Gaura seems at locket and tries to wipe out her identify from locket. Vidya and Divya input. Gaura hides it and presentations giant necklace to Divya and says she didn’t give this type of giant necklace to even her bahu/Vidya, looking to make Vidya jealous.

Jaggi tries to pick out water glass with problem. Gopi enters with soup and tries to lend a hand him, however he yells if he requested for lend a hand and asks to head out. Gopi walks out and confronts god that she can not undergo Jaggi’s hatred and takes oath to make him stand on his ft at any value.

Gaura returns house after buying groceries and is stunned to peer Kokila, asks her how come she got here right here. Kokila asks the place is Meera. Gaura says she has long past on a industry commute with Dharam. Gaura asks the place used to be she 2 days in the past as she had referred to as her and came upon that she used to be now not at house. Vidya says even she used to be provide at house and baaji used to be now not. Gaura says she retail outlets and roams so much. Kokila asks Vidya to get milk for small children. Gaura says she is going to convey and is going to kitchen. Kokila walks to Gaura’s room and searches for locket. Gaura enters and yells. Kokila confronts and says god will have to offer protection to everybody with the exception of Gaura. Their drama continues.

Precap: Doc asks Jaggi to take a look at to get up on his ft. Jaggi falls. Gopi tries to lend a hand him and warns her to stick away. Gaura searches locket and thinks if Kokila took it.

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th April 2017 .

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