Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th March 2017 Written Episode Update

STAR PLUS Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Ricky is installed prison. He yells how can they put him in prison. Constables give him rice and dal. He yells he does now not like ccarbs and to deliver brown rice. Constables giggle. He begins yelling do the know who he’s. Constable will get indignant and says whoever he’s, he’s going to be shot right here. He shouts why did they arrest him. Inspector enters and says that is dry state and he’s arrested for consuming liquor.

Gaura asks Vidya to organize particular dishes lately as a unique visitor is coming. A lady despatched by way of Bhavani for Dharam’s marriage Supriya enters. Gaura greets her in. She touches Gaura’s ft. Vidya thinks she has noticed this lady someplace. Dharam enters and Gaura says she needs him to marry Supriya as she is highest for him. He says he’s k with it and walks to his

room. Vidya is surprised listening to this.

Constables pressure Ricky to drink sour gourd juice. Gopi enters and tells constable that she needs to bail out her son. Jaggi enters and asks Gopi to prevent. He asks Ricky to make an apology his mom if he needs to get out of prison and drink milk shake as an alternative of sour gourd juice. Ricky says sorry. Jaggi insists to says sorry maa. Ricky shouts she isn’t his mom. Jaggi asks to assume once more. Ricky says loudly sorry maa. Gopi indicators bail papers and takes him house.

Back house, Gopi unfortunately tells Jaggi that she needs to peer Ricky changing into Ramakanth through center and now not by way of drive. If we drive him like this, he would possibly agree however wll now not exchange by way of center.
Vidya is going to police station for regimen signatures. Inspector asks now not depart town with out informing. Vidya walks considering why she feels Supriya isn’t a just right lady. She is surprised to peer Supriya’s photograph on sought after felony’s board.

Ricky again into his room gulps beer once more. Some beer falls down. He peeps from door and sees Kokila and Seeta and thinks how will he keep right here for 30 days. He gets rid of his T-shirt and stands taking a look by the use of window. Seta enters and assists in keeping water mug silently. She hits desk through mistake and bangles spoil down. She begins bleeding. Ricky sees her and yells what the hell she is doing. He kicks desk and slips on Seeta. They each fall on mattress. Gopi hears sound from his room and walks in and is surprised to peer Ricky on Seeta together with his T-shirt on flooring, Seeta’s damaged bangles and bleeding hand and thinks he is making an attempt to rape her. She shouts how dare he. Drags him up and drags right down to front room. She shouts once more how dare he’s to think about heinous act. Ricky shouts if she is out of her thoughts, how can she assume he’s going to eye on dumb Seeta, she isn’t his sort, anyhow women die to be with him. Jaggi confronts and warns Ricky to act. Gopi continues yelling at Ricky that he can not cover his heinous act.

Precap: Kokila yells at Gopi that Ricky is her shadow and if she punishes him like this, he’s going to by no means exchange.

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