Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Star Plus Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

While having dinner with entire circle of relatives, Kokila tells they have got to care for Ramakanth/Ricky with love and will have to use even different way to get him on the right track. Ricky comes down shouting at Jaggi and yells why did he tamper beer bottles. Jaggi asks what does that imply. Ricky asks why did he combine one thing in beer. Jaggi says he didn’t. Ricky asks to drink beer and turn out it. Jaggi takes beer can. Gopi warns to not, else he’s going to get vomiting. Jaggi says he’s going to now not as he combined different drugs. He beverages beer and imagines everybody as cartoons. He falls down. Everyone asks if he’s positive. He begins dancing and appearing like snake on Mai teri dushman..dushman tu mera…track… Urmila says he were given snake soul now. Gopi will get involved. Ricky says they may now not tamper actual beer bottles and the only

they tampered is in Gopi’s husband’s abdomen. Jaggi continues dancing and appearing bizarre. Urmila asks what’s he doing. Jaggi says he’s leaping a mountain. Gopi asks Ricky what did he combine in beer. Kokila additionally insists. Ricky says he combined extra tough drink in Jaggi’s beer and now they are going to revel in snake dance. He personal his first guess. Jaggi continues jokergiri, dancing and leaping round.

Vidya tells Shravan that she is aware of Meera did incorrect, however papaji could also be doing incorrect. Shravan says if someone would were in papa’s position, even they might have finished similar. Vidya says Meera used to be underneath Bhavani’s grip for this sort of very long time, she will have to have brainwashed Meera. Shravan says papaji wishes a spouse who can perceive him and maintain small children. Vidya hopes Gaura does now not play foul.

Jaggi continues appearing bizarre. Urmila asks to watch out. Jaggi says he’s superb and continues. Gopi roughens him angrily and says he will have to now not have had beer. Jaggi falls down and injures his brow. Gopi will get involved and asks Shahir to name document.

Bhavani meets Gaura and tells she has woman Sarika for Dharam and is aware of her since years. They each trade candies. Bhavani says Sarika will make Dharam dance to her tunes and they’re going to make Sarika dance to their tunes. She asks Gaura why she is troubling her personal circle of relatives. Gaura says she learned cash and tool is extra necessary, so she is able to sacrifice even her circle of relatives for that. Bhavani thinks Gaura could be very bad, when she will hurt her circle of relatives, she will hurt any person. Priyal presentations her damaged doll to Vidya. Vidya tries to mend it. Gaura comes out and says let it’s, damaged issues can’t be fastened. She gets a brand new dwelling doll for dharam now. Bhavani backs her.

Doc treats under the influence of alcohol Jaggi. Ricky continues boasting about himself that he’s extra bad than they’re, and so on. Inspector comes and arrests Ricky for harming Jaggi. Ricky shouts he is aware of regulation higher and inspector can not arrest him. Inspector says he were given warrant towards him and handcuffs. Ricky asks Modis to turn their love for him and get him loose. They all stand silently.

Precap: Inspector forces Ricky to drink bittergourd juice. Gopi involves bail out Ricky. Jaggi tells Ricky that they have got a situation prior to bailing him out.

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