Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Seeta assists in keeping brownies in oven and with out understanding find out how to use it will increase temperature to most. Oven bursts. She protects Veeru via hugging him. Whole Modi circle of relatives walks in and Gopi sees Seeta’s neck bleeding and asks how did this occur. Tolu says microwave burst as a result of somebody stored metal plate and foil in it. Seeta leaves frightened. Mona and Pari remark they’re stunned Seeta does now not find out about oven even on this trendy age. Gopi scolds them.

At Bhavani’s space, Seeta’s father thank you Keshav pandit for mendacity. Keshav says he simply needs to save lots of Seeta. Seeta cries in her room. Gopi enters and applies ointment on her neck damage and applies bandage and asks her to relaxation now.

Kokila thank you constables for permitting them to meet her granddaughter. They open Vidya’s

mobile door. Kokila walks in. Vidya hugs her and cries. Kokila consoles her and asks how did she come right here. Vidya is set to talk when Gaura comes to satisfy her. Gaura begins her drama and presentations pretend fear for Vidya after which smirs. Kokila stands surprised. Constables tells Kokila her visiting time is done. Kokila requests, however Gaura asks her to prevent pleading and move to her mobile, she is there to console Vidya. Kokila asks Vidya to be brave, she is Kokila’s 2d Gopi, god will offer protection to her. She angrily seems at Gaura and leaves Gaura begins her pretend fear once more.

Jaggi in his room thinks if he’s hanuman and god gave him duty to save lots of all Seetas. Seeta goals about oven bursting and shouts Veeru. Jaggi enters and asks what came about. Seeta says she can not possibility their lives, Bhavani will succeed in quickly. Jaggi says no one can come right here till he’s right here and is going to get water for her. He unearths Gopi in hall and says Seeta used to be murmuring in dream and will have to have noticed dangerous dream. Gopi says her lifestyles is volatile, asks him to get wate rand walks into Seeta’s room . Seeta packs her garments in a potli and hides it seeing Gopi. Gopi sks what’s she doing. Seeta says Bhavani says she is inauspicious and she or he in reality is, since she come right here entire Modi circle of relatives’s lifestyles is in peril, what if one thing had came about to Veeeru, she will have to let her move. Gopi says no matter came about in kitchen used to be twist of fate and twist of fate can occur to somebody. First of all, there’s not anything referred to as inauspiciousness, she as an alternative stored Veeru’s lifestyles.

Kokila is shipped again to her prison mobile, hears Vidya shouts she killed Chanda, and thinks that is surely Gaura’s heinous act, she trapped Vidya like she trapped her. Gaura claps on her and says she is excited that she learned her plan. Kokila says she promised that she won’t hurt her circle of relatives if she takes blame of looking to kill Urvashi. Gaura says she broke her promise, what is going to she do now.

Gopi says even a large number of injuries occur in her lifestyles, that doesn’t imply she is going to depart this space. Since morning, Veeru is boasting that his didi is superwoman, she will have to now not call to mind dwelling this space no less than for Jai and Veeru. She opens Seeta’s potli and asks her to stay garments again in cabinet.

Gaura demanding situations Kokila that she can not hurt her. Vidya simply driven Chanda and made her subconscious, however she killed Gaura. Kokila says that suggests she killed Chanda. Gaura says she even burnt Chanda, largest legal is who hides crime. Kokila says chii what sort of lady she is who needs to hurt personal circle of relatives. Gaura says her granddaughters don’t seem to be her circle of relatives in any respect, she kicked out Meera and now will kick out Vidya out of this global. Kokila tries to hit her, however she holds hand and warns dare now not to take a look at, else she is going to blast her space.

Precap: Seeta asks Gopi if she does now not get afraid Gopi says she submits her fears to Kanhaji or even she will have to. Seeta asks if her worry will vanish. Gopi says sure.


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