Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Star Plus Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Gopi feels shattered seeing Ricky loves cash than his lifeless foster mom. Jaggi consoles her and says Ricky is her blood and isn’t dangerous, his tongue is grimy however now not center. They will take him to India and alter him. Gopi asks if he’s going to come. Jaggi says they are going to drive him to return. Gopi asks recommend Raghav if she will take Antara’s photograph together with her. He says sure. She takes photograph and thinks now Kanhaji will display her some way.

Kokila will get in a position in her old-fashioned and prays god that her Gopi and Ahem’s son is coming, so he’s going to trade her mind-set, he will have to offer protection to her circle of relatives as same old.

Ricky will get closely under the influence of alcohol. Jaggi comes there and calls him Mr. Ramakanth. Ricky fumes what the hell, why he’s noticed anywhere he is going. Jaggi says he’s going to see best him entire lifestyles

and says take a look at crow. Ricky seems up. Jaggi punches his head and he collapses. Jaggi walks lifting him. Agaya hai bodyguard…music…performs within the background. Flight is proven subsequent.

Kokila opens door listening to door bell and sees Gopi status in entrance of her, asks the place is he for whom she went to Singapore. Gopi says she may just now not. Jaggi enters and says he introduced a wonder for all of them. Urmila asks what’s it. Jaggi asks his pals to get the gunny bag in. They get bag in and open it. Ricky will get out of gunny bag. Each members of the family face is proven in a surprise. Kokila will get emotional and says her Ahem’s son Ramakanth. Gopi asks Jaggi how did he come right here. Jaggi says she used to be asking who used to be subconscious in flight, it used to be Ramakanth, he aroused from sleep after touchdown into Rajkot, so he had stuff him in gunny bag. Gopi asks Ricky if he’s effective and asks Jaggi why didn’t he tell her. Jaggi’s pals inform he used to be making a large number of drama. Ricky tries to run, however Jaggi’s pals prevent him.

Kokila tells Gopi that she is pleased with her that she introduced Ramakanth again. She introduces herself to Ricky as his daadi and Ahem’s mom. She hugs him and pushes her and warns to avoid him. Jaggi warns to act. Gopi says Kokila is his daadi. Ricky shouts what daaadi, he does now not need to keep right here, he’s going to drag all of them to courtroom and ensure they’re punished. Gopi says she will perceive his state of affairs, however that is his actual circle of relatives. Ricky then confronts Kokila that her appearing is very good, she is losing pretend tears and despatched her puppet to Singpore to lure him. Gopi shouts sufficient now, he will have to behave with everybody right here as they’re all elder to him. Ricky shouts close up, you’re all mad, particularly Gopi. Jaggi will get indignant and warns to act. Gopi controls Jaggi and tells Ricky no want to shout as everybody can listen in most cases. He shouts he’s going to shout, in Singapore after 18, an individual is grownup and will lead unbiased lifestyles. He tries to go away once more, however Jaggi stops him and orders his pals to fasten door and assists in keeping keys in his pocket. Urmila says most effective can care for Ricky phicky. He says child is drained, he’s going to get malai lassi for him. Urmila says after he remains right here for someday, he’s going to get adjusted quickly.

Jai and Veeru excitedly run against Jaggi calling him bade papa. Ricky breaks vase, holds Jai and earns to let him move, else he’s going to stab the child. Family shouts no.

Precap: Ricky issues damaged vase at Gopi and warns he’s going to kill her. Gopi says he can check out. Jaggi says he would possibly actually. Gopi says let him attempt to provokes Ricky.

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