Queens Hain Hum 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Queens Hain Hum 17th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Shivra applies kumkum on Madhurima’s brow aand apologizes if she is harm, he used to be simply following his dharm. He is disenchanted that he may just now not achieve his son and spouse’s believe. Madhurima asks Adhiraj to take Rajasaheb Shivaraj to visitor space. Shivraj says little need for that, he’s going to keep in ashram and leaves.

Jahnvi provides juice to Aaliya and scolds why did she attempt to suicide, she would have died. Aaliya says she used to be indignant and is excited now that she is staying together with her now. Jahnvi says this is as a result of no one needs to stay her as tenant. They each hug each and every different.

Rajguru tells Madhurma that he’s going to depart now for Alwar. Madhurma asks him to stick again as she senses conspiracy by way of Shivraji, so he and his brother got here right here. She says she is going to carry out Adhi’s rajtilak right here with none media and simply members of the family in order that the entirety might be beneath her keep an eye on.

Dev tells Tanya that they will have to attend Maya and Avinash’s wedding ceremony anniversary birthday party. She says with out maa’s permission, they’re going to now not pass, anyhow queens are hooked up through soul and there gained’t be any variations between them.

Avinash and Maya’s wedding ceremony anniversary birthday celebration begins. They each minimize cake and thank you everybody for coming. Maya congratulates Adhi for his birthday advert changing into Raja. Jahnvi declares that that is queen and king theme couple birthday celebration, so each and every couple will dance. Adhi and Shreya will get started first after which they are going to additionally kiss. Adhi and Shreya dance sensuously on O karam khudaya re..music.. after which kiss. Everyone clap for them.

Desho then pronounces Maya and Avinash’s dance. They each put on a mas and get in a position. Avinash will get a decision and strikes apart. Puskhar comes dressed in Adhi’s masks and begins dancing with Maya. Maya dances sensuously with him. Avinash returns and angrily holds Pushkar’s collar shouting how dare he’s.

Precap: Maya tells Chaitanya and Akku that she was hoping she would have wanted them satisfied married lifestyles. Chaitanya and Akku record for a divorce and pass judgement on provides them 6 month time. Amrith tells Tanya that Dev is remarrying subsequent week.

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