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Porus 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Bamni Meeta Dhananand

Porus 9th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bamni with Chanakya reaches Magadh to meet king Dhananand. Dhananand’s advisor priest informs him Pourav rastra’s ex-king Bamni with guru Chanakya has come with some motto. Dhananand asks him to greet them in with great respect.

Olympia takes Alexander to Barsine. Alexander says he rightly punished Barsine who tried to kill him. He continues that he is ruthless because of her, she told him since childhood that he is Zeus’ son and not king Philip’s, she took him to Oracle and forcefully forgive his innocence and become ruthless to conquer whole world, so he is the way she taught him, so she should not question him. He orders her to return back to Macedonia.

Dhananand’s advisor priest greets Bamni and Chanakya and start his witty words. He says he would have asked

them to rest, but vishu disciple Chanakya would finish his task first and then rest. He boasts about himself as ruthless guru. Chanakya says his brahmin nature would not have gone out of him completely. Dhananand enters and sits on royal chair. He asks Bamni reason for coming here and says even he agreed to meet him with a reason. Bamni says he wants his support to protect their country. Dhananand asks if he needs help for Pourav rastra. Bamni says he is talking about Bharath. Dhananand laughs and says it sounds good to hear Bharath and says Khatriyas always considered Nands as inferior and always felt them incompetent, now why superior kshatriya Bamni needs his help, he will help him only if he begs like a beggar. Bamni says he came to seek help and not beg. Dhanand continues insulting Bamni.

Puru waits till Roxanne wakes up. Roxanne wakes up and thanks him for saving her, asks how to repay his debt. He says by forgiving him as his soldiers tried to kill her and they don’t harm women and children. She looks at Ambhi. Ambhi gets tensed thinking whether Roxanne will reveal that he is on Alexander’s side. Puru notices that. Roxanne says she wants to talk to Puru alone. Puru agrees.

Olympia returns to Alexander’s room. Alexander asks why did not she go yet. She says he is right, she made him ruthless and he is world’s god because of her. She continues her speech and reveals that Roxanne has gone to meet Puru for Alexander’s sake..

Precap: Puru opens Dhananand’s sent gift and is shocked to see Bamni’s crown.

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