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Porus 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Overpowers Alexander’s Army

Porus 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Puru and Alexander’s armies face each other. Puru’s supporter kings and armies get afraid seeing Hasti’s dead body hanging. Puru boasts their moral with a speech that they are born to protect their mother land, he will protect it till his last breath even if they don’t support him. A soldier chants Bharth Jayatu followed by everyone. Alexander with his army stands surprised and orders to attack. Their fight starts. Puru starts killing Macedonian soldiers.

In palace, Laachi tells Rajguru and Chanakya that Puru will bring Hasti’s dead body for sure and orders to make arrangements of Hasti’s last right with royal honors. Rajguru leavs. Chanakya says he knows what she is planning, his students will execute her plan. Laachi thanks him.

Puru with his army continues fighting with Macedonian soldiers. Bamni trashes Ambhi. Ambhi boasts he will kill them all and take his father’s revenge. Bamni says he is traitor father’s traitor son and will die today. Ambhi attacks. Bamni counterattacks and throws him on ground. Selukus attacks Puru boasting his king will conquer whole Bharath and will rule on them. Puru says be it him or Hasti, they know to protect their mother land, they will kick them out from their motherland today. He trashes Selukus royally. Selukus falls on ground injured. Puru is about to kill him when Hepastian enters and attacking Puru and says his king is god and will takeover soon. Puru trashes even him. Alexander gets tensed seeing Selukus and Hephastian’s condition.

Olympia tells Roxanne that she wished Alexander to win the world, but he has gone out of control. Roxanne asks if she is hiding anything, she needs to know as Alexander’s wife. Olympia informs about Oracle’s warning that if Alexander goes to Bharath, he will not return.

: Chandragupta Maurya serial’s promo is shown.

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