Peshwa Bajirao 24th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Peshwa Bajirao 24th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The Episode begins with Baji asking Vishesh to open the door. His good friend tells that door is locked. Baji will get an concept. He says we will be able to’t win from Vishesh and feature to simply accept our defeat as that is his space. Vishesh laughs. Baji says Vishesh is in reality crucial boy and we will appreciate him. Gotiya says I will be able to grasp his ft as soon as the door is open. Other pal says Shri Vishesh Rao ji…Vishesh will get satisfied. Gotiya says I will be able to sing bhajan and asks the place are you God, come close to me. Vishesh will get satisfied and opens the door. He says it’s just right that you’ve got learned your mistake quickly. Everyone cling him at the flooring. Vishesh says that is dishonest. Baji tells that this is a politics to defeat the enemy, and tells that he is aware of many tales of Chatrapati shivaji. Vishesh says he’s going to turn out to be just right boy.


Rani Bai is coaching Shiva Raze and will get fearful for him seeing his incapability to be informed sword struggle. She reminds him that he’s a grand son of Chatrapati Shivaji who used to kill his enemies even being blind folded and also you couldn’t do a unmarried assault. Pant Pratinidhi asks him to pay attention. Tara Rani Bai says you don’t have any power for your ft, palms and so forth. Shiva Raze drops his sword. Tara Rani Bai says whoever surrenders and drops their sword will get killed via enemies. She asks him to raise the sword.

Balaji comes and apologizes. She tells that he has introduced information concerning the sardars for gudi padwa invite. Tara Rani reads it. Balaji says can I communicate to maharaj as I feel I will be able to lend a hand him. Tara Rani Bai nods. Balaji seems on.

Qamer Uddin’s spouse involves him and complains to him about Kam Baksh’s spouse. Qamer Uddin appears on the spider. His spouse asks you’re whose husband? Qamer Uddin holds her hand and says I’m your husband. He tells that he’s going to take a seat on Aurangzeb’s chair after his dying and really quickly he’s going to meet Balaji and kill him.

Balaji teaches Shiva Raze the best way to struggle with the sword. Tara Rani Bai and Pant Pratinidhi appears on. Tara Rani Bai will get inspired seeing Shiva Raze preventing well underneath the steerage of Balaji. She asks Balaji, what mantra you gave him in this type of small time that I couldn’t do from lengthy.

Shiva Raze takes out cotton from his ears and presentations. A facebook is proven, Balaji tells him that this is a vijay mantra and that he’s going to now not pay attention to any person voice and can be aware of battle. Fb ends. Balaji tells Tara Rani Bai that he had heard one thing in his youth, and tells a tale about frogs mountaineering at the mountain. He says all of the frogs stopped hiking at the mountain, however a vulnerable frog didn’t pay attention to them and attempted to climb up and at some point succeeded. He says that frog used to be deaf and that’s why didn’t pay attention to others. He says phrases hurts greater than a sword and maharaj used to be harm with phrases and that’s why I made him put on kawaj. Tara Rani provides Shiva Raze duty to Balaji. Pant Pratinidhi asks why Balaji, and says we will be able to get just right running shoes for him. Tara Rani says we’d like miracle and now not running shoes and asks Balaji to ensure Shiva Raze don’t do any mistake on Gudi padwa day.

Baji tells Chatrapati Shivaji tale to Vishesh and his pals. Some goons input the home. Baji and his pals see mirrored image of goons. They ask Vishesh who’s inside of. Vishesh tells them that any person is inside of. Baji asks his pals to not get scared. Vishesh says that is my space and no one can defeat me. Baji says he’s pronouncing proper. Baji asks Vishesh how did he move out of room after locking them. Vishesh tells him about secret window. Baji says we will be able to assault goons from there.

Kam Baksh brings few rajas there and tells Aurangzeb that they’re fathers of lovely women who’re in a position to provide their daughters in marriage to Shahuji.. One raja tells that his daughter is lovely and he is able to give his daughter in hand for Shahuji. Aurangzeb appreciates him and asks him to kiss his ring. That raja kisses on his ring and dies in an instant. Other Rajas panic seeing his dying. Aurangzeb says I am hoping you’ve understood what I’m looking out. He says It’s not that i am discovering bride, however a controller for Shahuji.


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