our strange love story THAHAAN (EPI 11)

Hii guys I knw I m too past due however because of damage I used to be not able to sort 😢 however now I’ve a lot aid so I m writing 11th epi and this epi is a turning level & have sudden twist …. Many of u gonna kill me ðŸ˜�ðŸ˜�😂 so extraordinarily sorry ….
Last phase surprising & manishians needed to be robust whilst studying…

So right here I get started..

Thahaan used to be status absolutely sopping wet they take a look at each and every different
And then bihu spoil the eyelock he holds thapki hand & stated’ no query thapki now let’s pass with me…. If I m necessary to u.s.a. let’s include me ..”

Bihaan began to stroll against house
Thapki practice him & take a look at him emotionally
(Ranjhana performs)…

Thahaan reached house

Kosi noticed them in combination & will get indignant
She shout:”bihaan!!!! Come right here presently..”
Bihaan learned that nowadays once more he needed to face his mother (her darkish aspect)…

Bihaan inform thapki to visit her room & take relaxation…

Thapki nods & went to her room

Bihaan pass to kosi room
Kosi used to be sitting on chair angrily taking a look at him
She takes out her hunter & signal him to return & take a seat…
Bihu is going and take a seat like a blameless child with out pronouncing anything else
Since youth each time his Mom develop into indignant on anything else
He has to stand that hunter
He by no means shout ,by no means shed tears simply undergo it

Kosi started to overcome him
He closes his eyes

After 15 min kosi made him stand & stated;”now pass I m drained…, just right night time son “.
She kiss him on brow
& bihaan hiding all his ache smile & is going from there

He stroll hardly ever
Its tricky for him to stroll
He stumbles

Thapki noticed him & holds him

;”Ah!… He groans & indicators throw his hand to go away him
But thapki realise that there’s something which he used to be hiding

Suddenly she noticed blood on his again …


How? There is one thing fallacious .”
Before she may just assume more
Bihaan faints

Thapki noticed him & shout :”bihaan g!.”

She holds him

His blouse sopping wet with blood

She noticed that
She used to be tremendous surprised & get teary eyes…

She name Mali kaka
They each take him to his room

They make him lie on mattress

Mali kaka assume one thing and stated:”bahu rani u take a seat right here I m coming,,,”

He is going
Thapki take a look at bihaan face & then with out considering a lot
She started to take away his blouse

She really feel shy however she needed to noticed what sort of damage that used to be & needed to remedy him

She holds him together with her hand and made him flip

And get surprised after seeing that wounds
She get tears

:”oh! Bihaan such a lot of ache u r hiding and I didn’t knw however sufficient now no more ache in ur lifestyles
Saying this
She move & introduced all essential factor to do his dressing
Hot water, cotton, antiseptic, Dettol and so on….

She wash and whilst doing his dressing tears have been rolling down her cheeks

Bihaan used to be subconscious he used to be groaning in ache he holds her hand……

(Ranjhana unhappy song performs)

Scene shift to the Mom & three year previous son

S;”mumma hero mother used to be so merciless and heroine so type hearted hope hero & heroine flip very best pals after which that witch mother recreation over..”

The woman smiles on His kid innocence

S:”mumma then what occur ? Did heroine involves knw about hero mother?…” Tell me na…
He shakes his mother

His mother contact his face & continues the story

Scene shift to

Thapki end his dressing and stated:”bihaan now all ur ache is my ache don’t knw what’s ur relation with me why I think so strange however sure I cant see u in ache …”
She wipe her tears after which she too sleeps preserving his hand

Scene shift to mother & son

S:”gajab mumma now H four heroine won’t ever depart H four hero..”_
The woman will get indignant
:”Ayaan how repeatedly I informed u to not talk like that talk like a regular kid what’s this gajab & all if u once more talk like that I by no means communicate to u…”
Yes the child identify is ayaan

Ayaan:”sorry mumma I will be able to by no means communicate like that now smile mumma..”
The woman smiles

Her face is proven

She is thapki

So its thapki who’s telling ayaan (her son) story of her & bihaan

She hug ayaan and assume in thoughts:”(u are my son ayaan now not of that bihaan I hate him and I by no means let u be like him)…

At a depressing room a woman input with a meals plate…
An individual used to be sitting on mattress and when he heard the foot steps
He shout:”depart me..,, depart me…, on my own move from right here I will be able to kill u!!!!!….”

He cling his head
He started to throw issues and used to be shouting

:”I don’t want somebody plz pass,,, differently I will be able to kill u,,….”

He throw the vase and more than a few room stuff on that woman

She put the plate apart and transfer ahead him

:”chill out!!” Its me….

But the person didn’t prevent he flip wild and spoil the room

Go from right here!!!
Just move!!
Don’t attempt to come close to me…. I will be able to kill u,,, I m assassin ….

He holds his head and shout :”depart me all on my own….”
He act like a mad man
An extended beard
Long hairs
Wearing get dressed of A psychological affected person…..

He develop into stressed

The woman transfer against him
SHe holds him and take out injection secretly and provides him injection

He falls on mattress

She shout:Mali kaka!..”

Mali kaka come and stated:”sure Sheena bitiya….”

Yes she is Sheena bihaan good friend , a psychiatrist….

Sheena:”kaka bihaan is slumbering I had given him injection
When he woke name me…”

Yes that man is bihaan..

But how???
Sheena take a look at him

And get teary eyes

From the previous three years she is taking good care of him

Sheena :”bihaan three years ahead of I had come right here to unite u & thapki… I used to be be triumphant u each had grow to be one
U have been too satisfied however I hadn’t believe that she is going to depart u….kosi aunty died after which we come to knw thapki too died in an twist of fate
She used to be pregnant….

And then from that day the entirety modified …
U turn into like this….

I will be able to by no means forgive thapki
I knw she died however I hate her …”
Sheena cried
Mali kaka too take a look at her

She leaves

Epi ends with thapki ayaan & bihaan face

I knw lots of u get surprised with these days epi

Many questions??
How kosi died?
What came about three year sooner than?
Why thapki hate bihaan?

Don’t fear about sheena
U all can perceive her as a chum
She taking good care of bihaan
She is sure
Will ever ayaan will come to knw that whom story he’s listening is his oldsters?
Why thapki telling him her story?

For all this solutions u needed to stay studying my ff
Coz now the actual story had get started

Don’t fear about love story
Trust me
Bear me
Love me

Precap : thapki recall her moments with bihaan
She get indignant

Bihaan to leap from terrace sheena noticed him & shout

Ayaan fights with some boy
Thapki noticed him and beats him pronouncing to not struggle

stay studying love u all

our strange love story THAHAAN (EPI 11) .

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