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Once In A Life Time (Epi-2)~rudra’s marriage

i do not even remember when i last posted the previous epi , but i did not want to continue and leave it in the middle , so here i am back after so many days to continue this ff . for those who have not read the previous episode , here is the link

epi 1 : http://www.tellyupdates.com/once-in-a-life-time-epi-1/

epi 2 : http://www.tellyupdates.com/once-in-a-life-time-epi-2omkara-gauri-meet-at-a-party/

Om hurriedly entered oberoi mansion . rudra came running and hugged om ,om they are doing child marriage om , how is this justified ?asked rudra

Om was surprised

Om : child marriage ?

Rudra : ya , dadi wants me and soumya to get married.

Om  glared at him : how does this become child marriage , she is 20 and you are 22  and why does dadi want you guys to get married so early

Rudra : pandit ji  told that my life will be in danger if i dont get married within 3 months

Om : o god why is dadi doing this , anyways what’s your problem rudra , saumya lives here only already , you love her  a lot , whats the problem

Saumya came there

Please rudra , my aaji(grandmother) agreed too , then whats your problem , pandit ji was telling that your life will fall in danger if you dont marry , i dont believe in all this but this is regarding you rudra

Om : see rudra ,how much she loves you

Rudra : really , my life will fall in danger only if i marry her

Saumya : really rudra

and she started chasing him . rudra ran and went near stairs , suddenly saumya’s tripped and was about to fall when rudra held her and pulled her

Saumya smiled , rudra : see and walk saumya , you always  trip and fall like this

Saumya : and you hold me everytime


Anika : oh really , i dont need om’s number also , i can easily get his number through my contacts billu ji

Shivay : i told you

Anika : haha u told me , you keep telling me but for me you are billu ji billu ji billu ji  , wait  a second , where are we now ?

Shivay : you are in my house

Anika : and why are you here , you used to live in Mumbai

Shivay : i live there , i am staying here for a month for setting up a wok of mine , anyways what do you do, i know you have a old job

Anika : what job  billu ji

Shivay : troubling others

Anika glared at him , you have only done PhD in troubling others

Shivay : really!!! see this scar on my forehead

And showed a little scar on his head

“this scar came because that day you fought with because i fought with om and pushed me , i got hurt so hard”

Anika : billu ji , i was a kid back then

Shivay : you were spoilt then as kid and now you are even more spoilt

Anika : i fight now also , but i fight cases , i am a criminal lawyer now

to be continued…












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