Nikki Bella Checked Out After Maryse Attack (Video) WWE Network Updates WWE’s Biggest And Baddest

Nikki Bella Checked Out After Maryse Attack (Video), WWE Network Updates, WWE’s Biggest And Baddest

– As noticed on final night time’s WWE SmackDown, the Falls Count Anywhere fit between Nikki Bella and Natalya ended when Maryse attacked Nikki with a pole, permitting Natalya to get the win. This used to be achieved to lend a hand construct to Nikki and John Cena vs. Maryse and The Miz at WrestleMania 33. In the Fallout video above, Nikki appears to be in ache as she’s checked on by way of a teacher after the assault from Maryse.

– WWE has a brand new ballot asking enthusiasts the largest and baddest present WWE Superstar – Big Show, Brock Lesnar, Baron Corbin, Braun Strowman or The Undertaker. As of this writing, 44% went with Braun whilst 25% went with Lesnar, 19% for Taker, 10% for Corbin and a couple of% for Show.
– The operating WWE Network Collection on 2017 WWE Hall of Famers can be up to date this Friday at 10am EST with 4 episodes on Diamond Dallas Page. A brand new Collection on WWE Hall of Famer George “The Animal” Steele, who gave up the ghost final Thursday on the age of 79, can also be uploaded on Friday at 10am EST.

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