Naagin (Rivanya forever) season 2 epi-102

Ritik Mehra runs and Shivanya follows him and Ritik Raheja follows them.Ritik’s footstep stops when he reaches on the valley.

He turns against Shivanya.

Shivanya:Now the place will you pass?

Ritik tries to run by aspect however Shivanya catches him by her tail and brings him against her.

Shivanya:I dont know who’re you however i do know something that you simply performed with emotions.A satan is much better then you definitely atleats they dont play with emotions of others.

Ritik Mehra struggles to be loose.

Ritik Mehra:Shivanya i didn’t do anything else,consider me.

Shivanya:Now you’re long past.

Shivanya bites him on his brow.He falls at the floor.Ritik Raheja reaches and sees Ritik Mehra and smiles.

Ritik Raheja:Finally this cheater is lifeless.

Shivanya is available in her human avater and is going against Ritik Mehra

Shivanya:Ritik are you high quality?

Ritik Raheja:Yeah i’m wonderful Shivanya.

They each hug eachother.Ritik smiles evily and pushes Shivanya again.

Ritik:You are actually a emotional idiot.

Shivanya used to be surprised

Shivanya:What are you telling?

Ritik:Yeah i’m telling proper.How come you idea i’m Ritik.

He adjustments into Angad

Angad:See my actual face bhabi

Shivanya used to be double surprised.

Angad:It’s not that i am your Ritik.I’m his brother Angad Raheja.Because of Ritik,Tanvi killed us everybody however Avantika got here and gave me lifetime of creature.It’s not that i am a human nor i’m a animal.You cant kill me in morning and night time nor you’ll be able to kill me with any guns.I will be able to by no means die.

He laughs evily.

Shivanya:So you’re Avantika’s pawn?

Angad:Yeah you’re proper.I dont know whether or not he’s reincarnated Ritik however i cant see a person with identify Ritik and face like Ritik.

Angad takes a hen avater and is going from there flying.Shivanya is going against an subconscious Ritik.

Shivanya:Ritik rise up.

No reaction.

Shivanya:I’m in point of fact sorry for doubting on you.You have been all the time just right and i used to be the person who used to be dangerous.

She hugged him and cried.She sees that his frame begins turning blue.

Shivanya:I’ve to save lots of him.But how am i able to?

Shivanya recalls one thing.

Shivanya:To detoxic the naagin’s poison i’ve to once more chew Ritik on his chest in order that the drugs is going inside of him.

Shivanya gets rid of his black coat then she gets rid of his blouse and purple tie.She makes him shirtless.Shivanya comes close to him and for a second she stares him lovingly.She realised and bited Ritik on his chest.

Shivanya:Now you’ll get high-quality.

In the large haveli Angad is status and Avantika is status at the back of him.

Avantika:So did Ritik died?


Precap:Flashback of Avantika saving Angad.

Naagin (Rivanya endlessly) season 2 epi-102 .

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