Mere Angne Mein 21st February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Mere Angne Mein 21st February 2017 Written Update Episode

The Episode begins with Sarla assembly Preeti. She asks her to get Riya’s paperwork. She says Riya might be making me win elections. Preeti says Riya is appearing, its her plan. Sarla says no, she needs to peer Shanti dropping, move and get papers rapid. She insults Preeti and sends her. The vote casting procedure is going on. Shanti says I m scared, don’t know what’s written in my destiny, what is going to occur. Nimmi tells Shanti that you’re getting extra votes. Shanti says its just right, I’ve to win, don’t know Riya gets evidence or now not. Nimmi says evidence is essential for Riya additionally, she is going to get it. Riya comes. Shanti asks for evidence. Riya says simply watch for 2 hours, I will be able to get evidence.

Preeti comes house and says so Sarla is getting love on Riya, Riya ruined my lifestyles, I will be able to’t let her win, Sarla referred to as me idiot,

now I will be able to display my smartness. She tests Riya’s paperwork. She says now not so simply Bua, you will have harm me so much, you will have to additionally really feel ache. She takes the paperwork.

Sarla waits and thinks what to do. Amit meets her and asks her to return, depart the entirety. Sarla says Preeti has all evidence of Riya, Preeti isn’t getting evidence, what shall I do. Amit says what do you imply. Sarla thinks to lie. Amit says inform me about Riya’s proofs. Sarla tells him the whole thing. He will get surprised. He asks why did you now not inform me ahead of. She says I informed you presently, get paperwork from Preeti, Riya could make me lose. He asks are you considering to make Riya secretary. She says I’ve to win first, pass and get evidence.

Riya calls Sarla and asks the place are you. Sarla says evidence is at the means, you succeed in there with chocolates, you look forward to me. She ends name. Preeti locks the door and solutions Sarla’s name. She says I m leaving, meet me there. Sarla asks her to return quickly.

Amit stops Preeti at the means and asks her to take a seat at the motorcycle. She says I will be able to come myself. He insists and asks her to take a seat. He takes her bag and makes her take a seat. They depart. He takes her house. Riya is at the method and waits for Sarla. She thinks this will likely paintings or now not, Sarla please get evidence, its about me and my circle of relatives’s lives.

Sarla asks Preeti to provide her the paperwork. Preeti burns the paperwork. Sarla and Amit get surprised. Sarla asks what did you do. Preeti says I will be able to now not let Riya move simply. Sarla asks what is going to I solution Riya. Preeti says inform her I burnt all evidence, I need to wreck the circle of relatives, I m satisfied, all of them will move prison. Sarla scolds her and asks her to only depart. She says we will be able to lose elections as a result of your foolishness. Preeti says you are going to lose so much, I’ve recorded your phrases, you’ll be able to’t eliminate me, in case you win, make me secretary, else I will be able to make everybody listen this. She is going.

Sarla will get Riya’s name and says what to respond to her. Amit says you will have informed me the entirety prior to. Sarla and Amit fear. Shivam asks Riya did Sarla now not come. She says no. He asks her to return, we need to move to Shanti. They depart. Kaushalya asks Shanti to return and feature meals. Shivam and Riya come there and don’t see someone. Shivam says I will be able to come alongside, we will be able to move to Sarla. Riya says no, I will be able to communicate to her on my own. Amit tells Pari that Riya is fooling Sarla, when Riya comes, misinform her. Riya comes and asks for Sarla. Amit says she isn’t right here, why did you return to seek out her, did anything else incorrect occur with Sarla. Pari calls Sarla. She says her telephone is transfer off, we will be able to move to police station. Amit says no, we will be able to’t believe someone. They each do drama. Riya thinks Sarla didn’t inform anything else to them, however the place is she.

Preeti says Sarla gained as a result of Riya. Shanti and everybody get surprised.


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