Mahek 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

OZEE TV Mahek 27th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Scene 1
Ajay and Rohit are dragging Mahek clear of Shaurya, Shaurya is mendacity on floor subconscious. Mahek screams for Shaurya, Ajay says he isn’t going to return, we now have damaged your lover’s head in two. Rohit places hand on Mahek’s mouth so she cant scream. ajay brings automotive there, they forcefully take Mahek to automotive. They see some folks coming there, they cover, Rohit tries to speak to ajay however Ajay asks him to take her to automotive. Mahek sees some can mendacity on street,she kicks it and it makes noise. People within reach hears it and say there’s somebody round.They get started in search of somebody however Ajay and Rohit hides Mahek at the back of trees, other folks depart. Ajay places fabric on Mahek’s mouth and ties her arms too, Mahek kicks him however he places her in again of vehicle. Ajay says to Rohit that i do know one position the place we

may have honeymoon together with her entire night time, they chuckle and driveaway. Mahek cries and screams for Shaurya. Trainer comes out of establishing and sees Ajay riding automotive away recklessly and says drunkard guy. Trainer sees Shaurya mendacity on floor, he sprinkles water on Shaurya’s face, Shaurya wakes up and says Mahek? he recollects how Ajay took her away, teacher says we will be able to move to peer Mahek however you wish to have remedy. Shaurya says depart me.
Jeevan says to Vicky that i need to see Mahek so play CCTV. Vicky performs CCTV and sees Shaurya status on street, his entire blouse smeared in blood and shouting for Mahek, Jeevan will get tensed.

Ajay and Rohit are consuming wine. They prevent automotive on darkish and remoted street. Rohit says this position is darkish. Ajay comes out of vehicle and opens bunk of vehicle. Mahek comes out of it with rod, she beats Ajay and Rohit with rod and runs away. Rohit says she cant runaway a lot from right here, we will be able to hunt her down. Mahek is operating clear of them however Ajay and Rohit catches her, Mahek says depart me however Ajay says for whom will have to i depart you? we will be able to revel in with you presently.
Shaurya says to teacher that in finding out the place Rohit and Ajay took Mahek, teacher says they took her to faridabad street.Jeevan comes there and slaps Shaurya, he says if anything else occurs to my Mahek then i will be able to kill you, Shaurya leaves from there.
Kanta says to Nehal that Mahek didnt name since night, Nehal says she will have to be positive, Kanta will get Jeevan’s name and is surprised to listen to information.

Scene 2
Ajay drags Mahek in wooded area and says you broke wedding ceremony with me for that tall jerk? you wish to have to grow to be heroine? i will be able to make you heroine this night. We could have consummation night time right here in wooded area this night. Mahek says in case you do anything else with me then you definitely each wont be stored too, Rohit says what if anything else occur to us? Ajay says dont fear, simply revel in together with her entire night time then we will be able to throw her on street, many automobiles will run over her and Mahek’s id might be got rid of. Ajay and Rohit passes Mahek to one another like some meat piece, Ajay slaps Mahek and abuses her, they harass her, Mahek pleads to go away her. Ajay takes Mahek’s dupatta off and tears her sleeves, Mahek is wailing. Rohit comes nearer to Mahek and is set to kiss her forcefully when Shaurya comes there and punches him away, Mahek is emotional seeing him there. Ajay says how did he come right here? Shaurya punches Mahek. Mahek covers herself together with her palms, Shaurya takes her dupatta and covers her, she seems at him in ache. Shaurya intensely seems to be at her after which glares at them.

Kanta and Ravi are riding to seek out Mahek. Kanta says force rapid, Shaurya could be very bad, he has finished one thing with Mahek, i’m nervous, Ravi says dont fear, we will be able to in finding Mahek.

Shaurya is thrashing Rohit and Ajay. He shouts how dare you contact her? He beats Rohit, ajay grabs him from at the back of however Shaurya pushes him away and punches him. Shaurya’s telephone falls down from his pocket. Rohit and Ajay overpowers Shaurya and begins beating and kicking him. Mahek will get tensed seeing it, she takes rod and begins beating Ajay however Ajay pushes her away. Mahek sees Shaurya’s telephone mendacity on floor, she takes it and calls Kanta. Shaurya overpowers them and begins beating Rohit. Ajay sees wine bottle mendacity on floor, he is taking it. Mahek is making an attempt to name Kanta however Kanta isn’t choosing up. Kanta sees Shaurya calling her. She takes name, Mahek says Chachi, Kanta asks the place are you? Mahek tells her cope with of side road. Mahek sees Ajay keeping glass of wine bottle and operating against Shaurya who has again against him and busy beating rohit. Mahek sees Ajay about to stab Shaurya from at the back of, she shouts Shaurya, Kanta continues to be on name and looking to communicate to Mahek, Mahek runs against Shaurya and stands infront of him ahead of Ajay can stab him, she will get stabbed in abdomen via Ajay, she screams Shaurya, Shaurya freezes listening to her scream, Rohit says what you probably did Ajay? Ajay says run, Ajay and Rohit runs clear of there. Mahek clutches her abdomen and falls down however Shaurya holds her in his palms,

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