Mahek 21st February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Mahek 21st February 2017 Written Update Episode

Scene 1
Mahek and Shaurya brings Sonal to Kanta’s space. Kanta asks what came about? Mahek stutters, Jeevan asks what are you doing right here at night time? They see Shaurya bringing Sonal together with his coat on Sonal. Kanta asks what came about to her? they carry her in space. Nehal is going to deliver water, Mansi is going to deliver scorching water for therapeutic massage. Balwant asks if Sonal had twist of fate? Sonal is silent, Kanta makes her drink water. Mohit asks what came about? Mahek says Rohit hit her and its now not first time, he raised hand a large number of occasions on her, she molested her infront of his pal and when she attempted to prevent him, he beat her in any such method that even enemies dont do, she ranaway from him. Ravi says he was loopy for her, shall we name police. Kanta says name her mom Sheetal, Sonal says dont name her, she wont perceive,

she is going to scold me most effective, Kanta says she is your mom, she is going to perceive your ache, Sonal says she doesnt care about my ache, she simply worries about what global thinks, Mohit says i will be able to see to it how she cares for global whilst your state of affairs is like this, Kanta says dont communicate likes this for elders. Balwant says to Jeevan and Ravi that dont make courtroom case, shall we have a tendency to her wounds and finish this topic, and we need to inform Sheetal differently she is going to make factor that we introduced her daughter in our space at night time. Sonal says what if mother doesnt wreck my relation with Rohit? Mohit says i wont let him stroll round now, Nehal says guys like him will have to be in prison. Mahek says that is delicate topic, dont lose mood. Shaurya says Mohit you wish to have to stick right here and communicate giant or include me to show him lesson? Mahek says to Shaurya what is that this? Shaurya says that is my method of dealing with topic, Kanta says Mohit wont pass any place, Mohit is going to face with Shaurya. Shaurya and Mohit leaves. Mahek says to Ravi that Shaurya doesnt assume anything else when he’s indignant, Ravi says why this Shaurya stay breaking regulations?
Shaurya and Mohit are in automotive, Shaurya is riding rapid. Ravi and Mahek are following them of their automotive. Mahek calls Shaurya however Shaurya cuts her name. Mahek says he has Sonal’s drawback in his thoughts, force rapid and dont lose Shaurya’s automotive.
Balwant says to circle of relatives that our daughter Mahek is already in drawback and we’re striking ourselves in any other drawback? let surrender Sonal to Sheetal and finish this topic. Jeevan says communicate in low tone, Soanl will really feel dangerous. Kanta says Sonal is like my daughter, she is crushed badly, i cant let her move like this. Balwant says if police comes right here then all will assume that we’re concerned with police once more, other folks already blame us for lots of issues, he angrily leaves, all glance on. Sonal is in Nehal’s space.

Scene 2
In birthday party, Rohit is under the influence of alcohol and says Ajay organized this birthday party for me lately. Ajay says you have been speaking giant pronouncing your can be spouse is cooperative however she used to be now not, see woman beside me cooperative, he kisses some woman’s shoulder. Shaurya comes there. He glares them, Ajay asys Shaurya Khanna right here? Rohit asks who’re you? Shaurya has hockey stick in his hand. Mohit comes there, Shaurya says i’m Laathi(stick), Shaurya says i’m God’s stick, you will have to know that once i exploit my stick then entire town hears scream, and you’ll scream these days Rohit. Rohit says that is Mohit, Maheks’ brother. Shaurya begins beating Rohit, Ajay tries to overcome him however Shaurya pushes him away. Shaurya is punching Rohit and says you carry hand on woman? i will be able to ruin your palms and if it will get repaired once more, i will be able to spoil it, the woman depended on you are living lifestyles with you and also you cheated her? you beat her? and made get feel sorry about her mistake? i will be able to beat you such a lot that you are going to by no means fail to remember your mistake. Mahek and Ravi comes there. Ajay hits Shaurya’s head with baseball stick, Ajay says you love to battle for ladies then open welfare space however dont contain with us. Mahek comes there and says Shaurya prevent it, Shaurya’s head is bleeding, Shaurya tries to struggle with Rohit, Ravi holds Rohit again. Mahek tries to the touch Shaurya’s wound on brow however Shaurya jerks her hand and glares her however Mahek is in tears seeing his head bleed.
Sheetal involves Sharma space. She sees Sonal’s crushed state and asks what’s all this? Sonal says its now not my mistake, i went to Rohit and he beat me such a lot, she cries and hug her, Sonal says he did dangerous issues with me infront of his pals. Sheetal says we will be able to communicate in our space, now not in neighbours space. Sheetal says to Kanta that you simply couldnt name me? my neigbhour informed me that Mahek and your namesake son in regulation Shaurya introduced Sonal right here, she drags Sonal from there. Balwant says are you satisfied that she taunted you? now you other folks will listen taunt of entire space.
Sheetal brings Sonal out of Mahek’s space and says dont even say a phrase, Sonal says it used to be now not my mistake. Sheetal says Rohit used to be partying and didnt name you however why did you pass there? and why did you argue with him? Sonal says he beats me so much, he abused me alongwith his pals. Sheetal says he’s you4r can be husband and will do anything else with you, it used to be your topic, why did you concerned Mahek? Mahek has been tarnished in entire space and now your personality can be tarnished too, Mahek will make you riot like her. Sonal says Mahek stored my lifestyles from that animal Rohit. Sheetal grabs Sonal’s hair and says you’ll marry Rohit handiest and simply take into account that, this Mahek wont be capable of do anything else, i will be able to care for topic, you will have to get started adjusting with Rohit, he’s your can be husband so that you will have to perceive him, it is advisable to have talked to him well, it’s essential to have asked him not to misbehave with him however you act like rebellion Mahek, shall we move in space now.
Shaurya says to Ravi that you are taking Mohit house, i will be able to maintain myself. Mahek says you’re proper, you’ll be able to do anything else, you’re proprietor of the entirety, who’re you? pass judgement on that can give justice like this? Shaurya says you can have given her center elegance concept to regulate with that jerk however i introduced justice, on this nation, you might have clutch justice, i introduced it. Mahek says when you are going to perceive regulations? you dont know Sonal, she is my absolute best pal, i might by no means ask her to regulate however give her proper recommendation however you simply paintings in your ego after which will pass at the back of your cash, you didnt recall your connections lately? why didnt you name commissioner to arrest Rohit?

Upcoming after break- Shaurya says rohit abused her and did injustice and that i broke his legs and that’s my justice. Ravi says am i able to ask while you left at marriage adjust?


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