Here is going the second one phase. Hope u all love it💚.
It used to be night and everybody were given in a position for the engagement.(sandhya is on a tripso she couldn’t attend). Naina used to be supervising the whole thing simply then she bumped onto karan.
Naina :offo,mr. Chatte waala akdu,why are u following me?
Karan(became his face clear of her):what……Why…Why will have to l practice u?
He used to be going to go away however then,
Naina :aree,the place are you going?
Karan :it’s none of ur industry.
Naina :for ur type knowledge,if u move that method u won’t see any rest room,as an alternative there’s my jeeju’s
Karan :who advised u that l am on the lookout for rest room,ha
Naina :l simply guessed it,however it’s right kind na,that’s naina solanki…..
Karan :so,leave out. Naina absolute best,l am going to ur jeeju’s room.
Naina :kyun make-up guy hoo kya
She laughs…
Karan :nahi,jiske kamre me jarahahoona,uske hone waale patni ka devar,approach ur di’s can be brother
Naina :aree bapre toh thum hei Mr. Karan singh Chauhan…. Hai great to satisfy u Mr. Chatte waala akdu…..
She once more laughs…
Karan :dhekho naina,me thumse baath nahi karna chaahthi hu.
Naina :l am additionally now not intrested in losing time. So bye mr. Karan.. Ooops!Mr. Chatte waala akdu….
Karan felt that she had long past and became again to guarantee. Yes,she had long past,she used to be operating right here and there like a kid,however a accountable one correcting each and every unmarried mistake in her di’s engagement…aside from Karan……
To be continued….
How used to be it.. Sry for the mistakes..and for making it so brief..


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