Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 30

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Hey guys, I’m again with a new episode. I am hoping that you simply like this new monitor.

Let the episode begin..

Krishna used to be crying. Someone used to be staring at her. She involves her.

Suhani: Krishna. You know na that Saiyyam has left us. He can’t come again.
Krishna: But aunty, my center says that he’s going to come again. For me and his child. I do know that he’s going to be again.
Suhani: OK. But you realize na that nowadays is your child bathe so that you will have to get in a position. Look. I’ve introduced this get dressed for you. Now move and get in a position.
Krishna: OK aunty.

Sh is going and will get in a position. Suhani additionally is going. Soon Krishna comes and sits close to the reflect. She implemented little make-up and wore a bangles NAD necklace as they have been talented by pratima.

She is going downstairs. The visitors have been arriving. The corridor used to be adorned with pink and white curtains and had many lighting fixtures and candles. There used to be a level the place Krishna had to take a seat.

Suhani took her and make her take a seat on settee specifically made for Krishna. Soon everybody involves her. Everyone blesses her and provides her presents.

At remaining, it used to be time for the members of the family to provide blessings and presents to Krishna. Everyone provides presents and eventually, Suhani comes to offer presents. She used to be giving the present when..

Krishna: SAIYYAM!!
Suhani: Where?

Krishna level against the door. Everyone seems to be against the door and have been surprised. Krishna additionally stands up. She used to be going against him when anyone comes beside her. Whole circle of relatives is !ore surprised.

A woman comes from at the back of. She used to be dressed in a knee duration black get dressed and used to be maintaining Saiyyam’s hand.

Krishna: Elsa?
Elsa: Yes. Before pronouncing anything else, I need to communicate to you all on my own.

She take them to a room.

Yuvraaj: How dare you cling Saiyyam’s hand. And how did you in finding Saiyyam.
Elsa: Well, when Saiyyam fell within the water, he drowned however he used to be stored as I used to be down that cliff. I stored him.
Suhani: OK thank you on your lend a hand and know you’ll be able to return or we will be able to name the police as we nonetheless have in mind the belongings you did to our circle of relatives.

Elsa: Well, there’s one end result.
Krishna: What?
Elsa: When he become mindful, I took him to physician. And physician stated that he has a reminiscence loss. If we strive to keep in mind him the previous forcefully than he can lose his lifestyles.
Krishna: WHAT!!!!

Elsa: And he additionally thinks that I’m his spouse.
Krishna: You can’t take him clear of me. I will be able to inform the reality to him.
Suhani: No, you’ll be able to’t.
Krishna: But why aunty.
Suhani: Doctor had stated na that if we strive the forcefully method than we will be able to lose him.
Krishna: But aunty, I will be able to’t see him with someone else specifically Elsa.
Elsa: But you must.

She is going away. Whole circle of relatives does some dialogue and after all persuade Krishna that physician is true.

They pass out of doors.
Elsa: Saiyyam, let me introduce you with everybody.

She slowly and steadily is going to everybody and introduces him. At ultimate, they got here to Krishna. Krishna used to be keen that perhaps he remembered her by seeing her.

Saiyyam: Hello, I feel you’re this space’s maid. Right?

Everyone is surprised to listen to this.
Saiyyam: What came about? She is the maid.
Elsa: Ah.. Yes. She is maid.
Saiyyam: But why have you ever adorned this space? Is their any birthday party?
Suhani: No beta. Its Krishna’s child bathe. Come sign up for us.
Elsa: No thank you. We each are so tiried. We are going to take relaxation. Saiyyam, you pass and I will be able to are available a whilst.

He is going.

Krishna: Why did you assert that I’m a maid.
Elsa: This used to be for him. Should I inform him that you’re his spouse in order that he dies. Do you wish to have your husband to die.
Suhani: We will see later. Now you move and don’t attempt to get hooked up to Saiyyam such a lot as Krishna is her spouse now not you.

She is going. Krishna cries.

Krishna: He got here again aunty however he my Saiyyam didn’t come again. He ia now not my Saiyyam. He thinks that I’m a maid. How can he assume that?
Suhani: I will be able to perceive.
Krishna: No you’ll be able to’t. No one can perceive my ache. Leave me on my own.

Saying this, she is going to her room. She is surprised to peer that Elsa used to be dozing in Saiyyam’s include.

Krishna: Elsa! What are you doing right here?
Elsa: Well, that is Saiyyam’s room so I will be able to keep right here.

Suhani additionally comes there.

Suhani: This is Krishna’s room and nobody has the suitable to sleep right here. I will be able to organize some other room for you.

She is going away.

Screen fades….

Elsa begins torturing Krishna and Saiyyam in Elsa’s choose.

So guys, how the episode. Do remark. Answer my query.

Qs: How is that this new monitor?

Kriyam(Love, a beautiful dating) Episode 30 .

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