Kasam 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Rishi and Tanuja Confront Each Other About Natasha

Kasam 29th August 2017 Written Update Episode,

Scene 1
In London, Rishi is in lobby and looks around for Tanuja, he doesnt see her and leaves. Tanuja is in lobby and is looking around to find Rishi. Tanuja leaves too.

Rohit says to Abhi that you have been with Tanuja for 7 years, maybe she fell in love with you, maybe like you she didnt realize it. Abhi says no, I am not her type. Rohit says you didnt realize that she is not your type but you have feelings for her? Abhi says you are right, she even said that she respects me a lot, Rohit says maybe she is shy to express her feelings. Abhi says yes, Tanu is different, girls praise me but Tanu only takes my name.. Tanuja comes there and says Abhishek? she smiles at him. Rohit leaves. Abhi is mesmerized to see her. Dhoka dhari plays. Tanu comes to him and says you forgot your wallet in my room, he just stares at her, she gives it to him and turns to leave but Abhi says did I just forget this? didnt I leave something else behind? I mean do you want to say something? Tanu says just tell me after your meeting ends, she leaves. Rohit comes there and says it seems like she loves you too. She is going, if she turns back to look at you then she loves you, thats love’s formula. Abhi sees Tanu going, he says please turn.. tanu doesnt turn. Abhi calls out to her, she turns to look at him, he waves at her, she shrugs, waves and leaves. Rohit says you cheated. Abhi says everything is fair in love and war, I cant lose Tanuja, what will happen at most? she will deny me, slap me, atleast I will get to know if she loves me or not, I will talk to manager to plan something special.

At night, Tanu comes to the restaurant of hotel, its all decorated with candles and flowers, there is one table at center for the date. Manager says to Tanu that have a good day and leaves. Tanuja is confused to hear it. She looks around and smiles. She says seems like someone is going to propose someone here today, she recalls Rishi giving her rose, he sitting on his knees for her, their happy moments. Tanu says I just pray that the lovers who are coming here get their love, I didnt get my love with whom I took promises for births.

Rishi and Manpreet are searching for Natsaha and Tanuja. Rishi hears manager talking about special arrangements in the back area. Rishi goes there.

Scene 2
Rishi comes to the back of restaurant where Tanuja is and everything is decorated. Tanuja is shocked to see him, she says you in London? are you really here? she tries to touch him, Rishi says it used to happen with me that I would imagine you everywhere. Tanu says I feel you around me these days, Rishi says I am standing infront of you. Tanu says what? why? Rishi says I came to search you, she asks why? Rishi says if we dont get something, we search for it, I am staying in a room here, I was in corridor, Tanu says I was searching you in that corridor too, I felt your presence and I… she realizes what she said and stops herself. Rishi says I never thought I would love you this much, love for births. Tanu says I never thought it too, I realized my love when you did drama of marrying Malaika and brought her truth out to family, you took my side, I thought you would leave me that time, humari adhuri kahani plays. Rishi says I would never leave you, I tried to stop you too, that night… we became one from two. Tanu recalls getting intimate with Rishi that night, she blushes. Rishi laughs and coughs. Tanu says please Rishi.. that was old time, dont talk about those things, she wipes her tears. Rishi holds her hand, she is stunned. Rishi says time may have passed but me.. I have comeback, I have always comeback for you and this time I have for you and for Natasha too, I always said that we will make our world, we will make our life with you and Natsaha.. Tanu says please.. she jerks her hand away and says I am not that selfish to break someone’s home to make my home. Rishi says whose home you are talking about? Tanu says I am talking about your home, Naitra is your wife and she is your family now.. she glares at him and says you must have said this too Naitra when you left me. Rishi says you are thinking wrong, that night I stopped you because property papers.. Tanu says no you wanted me to prove my love, I kept begging that I love you a lot but you never agreed to it, I kept crying whole night, kept trying to make you understand that I love you but there were only property papers in your eyes, I sat on my knees and begged you but didnt listen. Flashback shows Tanu begging Rishi to not get engaged to Rishi but he did. Tanu says you got engaged to her and gave her my family and love. Rishi says you are thinking wrong.. Tanu says you couldnt handle our love, our marriage, nothing, you lie when you say that you love me, you left me for her and now wants to leave her for me? she is not only your wife but mother of your child, she has made you a father and you are talking about leaving a mother? Rishi says no no, I have talked to Naitra, we will live under one roof. Tanu shouts have you gone mad? arent you ashamed? you should be ashamed of saying all that, is one woman not enough for you that you want two women for you? you are not even ashamed of standing here and saying all that, I am ashamed of loving you, marrying and now talking to you. Rishi says you are thinking wrong. Tanu says what else should I think? you couldnt handle yourself, you couldnt handle our love and marriage, Tanuja only cried with you, she cried blood tears when she was with you, you have pained me so much. Rishi says I have asked forgiveness so many times. Tanu says you can break hearts, you can break homes and leave people and then just say sorry? do you even know what your mistakes did to me? I had to leave my house, my family and even my country, I was living in totally different world and you are talking about forgiveness? there is nothing remaining between us. Tanuja shouts on Rishi to leave, she screams just go! She cries. Rishi says fine I will leave, I will leave forever but I will take the thing which I came here for, I want my daughter Natasha, she was with Abhi for 7 years, I couldnt even bring her to my arms when she was born, thats my bad luck, I couldnt be with her for any moment, thats my bad luck, I couldnt make her learn to walk, whats a father’s dream? to raise kids, I didnt even see her, I didnt even know she is my daughter, she lived with you and Abhi, she is my daughter, I am going to take her with me, she is my daughter, she is Bedi’s blood, I am going to take her away, I will take her with me and nobody can stop me. Tanuja is in trance hearing all that, she gets scared, she says Natasha? she runs to check up on her. Rishi runs behind her but strikes with Abhi, Abhi is stunned and says you here?

PRECAP- Rano says to family that first this Tanuja took our peace away with love drama and now this Natasha’s love and drama, who the hell is this Natsaha.. Rishi says enough, I wont hear a word against Natasha. Rano says first you used to scold your mom for that Tanuja and now for this Natasha, who is she to you that.. Rishi shouts because she is my daughter! All are stunned.

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Kasam 29th August 2017 : Rishi and Tanuja Confront Each Other About Natasha .

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