Kasam 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Colors TV Kasam 24th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Rishi in moderation withdraws his hand from underneath Tanuja. He notices somebody within the room’s window and asks Rano and Naitra in the event that they aren’t ashamed. Rano questions Rishi what’s he doing. Rishi says they made her drink such a lot that she is now sound asleep. Rano and Naitra depart wishing Rishi all of the best possible when he’s finished.

Tanuja wakes up questioning the place Rishi has long past. She ties to get up however her stability used to be nonetheless vulnerable. There, Rano and Naitra talk about the place has Rishi long past. Rano used to be curt that Rishi has once more fallen in love with Tanuja. She curtly turns round to stand Tanuja, she used to be nonetheless under the influence of alcohol and asks them about her liked. She makes name to her Janu loudly. Rano scolds her to act herself, Tanuja shouts in go back. She considers Rano an evil mom in regulation like within the serials. Rano deters to push her out

of the home, Tanuja demanding situations her to hold on. Rano used to be left helpless. She asks if Rano doesn’t know Rishi can’t are living with out her, nonetheless she pushes him against this black lizard (pointing against Naitra). She insults Naitra on her face calling her a husband stealer. She is going into her room calling Janu again and again.
Bee ji used to be nervous the place Raaj has long past, she felt helpless as she will’t even inform her daughter in regulation what Tanuja is doing is for betterment in their circle of relatives. Smiley watches Bee ji and thinks Bee ji appears to be under the influence of alcohol as smartly.

In the kitchen, Rishi asks John a tip the best way to eliminate intoxication. Bee ji involves him with a drink and forces him to drink it. She prepares a lemonade for Tanuja. Smiley had come to the kitchen and watches Rishi drink the entire glass. Bee ji arms Rishi the glass of lemonade. Smiley asks Bee ji why she made Rishi get under the influence of alcohol. Bee ji says if Rishi could also be intoxicated, he gained’t let Tanuja take any false trail. Bee ji cheers these days Rano’s plan would fail needless to say.
Rano and Naitra peeks during the door gazing Tanuja once more dancing within the room.

Rishi brings a drink for Tanuja and takes it for her. Naitra peeks thru the important thing hollow. Tanuja asks Rishi what if one thing had came about to her, she asks Rishi what he would really feel if one thing occurs to her. Rishi says he gained’t really feel anything else, he isn’t like her. Tanuja asks if he doesn’t love her, Rishi says he loves. Rishi qualifies when she didn’t love cash most effective, he liked her then. Rishi says she continues to be Tanuja however now not his, she handiest loves assets and cash and the best way he’s. That love used to be there when there used to be not anything, perhaps it used to be a lie for her however for him it used to be value a lifestyles. Tanuja used to be disenchanted.

Bee ji comes at the back of Rano and Naitra surprised to peek thru keyhole of Rishi and Tanuja’s room. Rano tells Bee ji she is doing crucial paintings right here, she will have to depart instantly. Bee ji tells Rano that Raaj is looking her downstairs. Rano is going downstairs. Bee ji turns fuming against Naitra and calls her shameless to peek thru partner’s room. Bee ji makes a decision to peek during the door.

Tanuja tells Rishi she has a secret, she loves Rishi regardless of she has cash or now not. Her love is love, it doesn’t trade with cash. Rishi seems to be against Tanuja, he says he’s frightened of this love; that is her intoxication impact and afterwards she wouldn’t keep in mind anything else. Tanuja holds his face pronouncing she will’t fail to remember the affection she lives for. She is going to drink the lemonade and sips the entire glass. She says once she will get standard, she would once more shout I really like you, I really like you, I really like you. Rishi used to be positive she gained’t say this for part a time. Tanuja says she loves Rishi up to he doesn’t know what she had carried out for him and why she did that every one. Outside, Bee ji used to be eagerly looking ahead to Tanuja to close up. Rishi tells Tanuja her love flee once she were given wealthy. Tanuja asks if he in reality considers she best loves him for his assets, she is unexpectedly in a position to signal the valuables papers to turn out her love. Rishi holds her face confirming. Tanuja assures him through the wink of her eyes. Rishi denies short of any evidence. Tanuja says he will have to get his assets papers again. Tanuja holds the document and reads it getting inspired. Bee ji used to be fearful out of doors the room. Tanuja asks Rishi for a pen, she would signal the papers and they might go back to being enthusiasts once more. Rishi thinks taking her signatures this manner is betraying. He then thinks the whole thing is truthful in love and conflict, and that is love.

PRECAP: Tanuja arms the papers to Rishi pronouncing the whole thing belongs to him now, does he now consider she actually loves her.

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