Kasam 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update

Colors TV Kasam 23rd March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Tanuja says it kind of feels she is in point of fact under the influence of alcohol for this reason she has been touching him so much. Both chuckle, Rishi says she is in point of fact under the influence of alcohol for the best way she danced downstairs. Tanuja asks Rishi why his hair is black and sprinkles red colour on them.

Naitra asks Rano if Rishi would have were given the signatures by way of now. Bee ji comes at the back of them questioning what’s cooking inside of.

Rishi throws the colour all over the room for revenge. Tanuja runs against washroom. Rishi calls her and wonders the place she has disappeared. Tanuja comes from at the back of and pushes Rishi at the mattress. She clutches his collar and asks if he intentionally combined Bhang in her drink. Rishi says he remains a long way clear of Bhang. He will get true to Tanuja and says he made her drink a bit of best. Tanuja says she is in reality indignant with Rishi, Rishi counters

he’s if truth be told indignant. Tanuja shouts at him to not shout and start to cry.

Tanuja now alerts at Rishi to return nearer and says it feels she has a magic energy, she may even fly within the air and start to bounce over the mattress. She is going to get water and beverages much more from the glass of Bhang. She laughs over Rishi and says he already made her drink within the birthday party as smartly. She asks him to mention a sorry. Rishi wasn’t in a position, Tanuja grabs him pronouncing he sought after her to fly by way of consuming Bhang. Tanuja sits at the flooring, she is disenchanted for now not getting an apology. Rishi says I’m sorry, Tanuja asks him to carry his ears. She makes him do sit-stand for sorry. Both revel in, giggling in combination. Tanuja kiss him over his cheek for this.

Rano and Naitra comes upstairs silently. Rano tells her to speed up. Bee ji heads at the back of them to spoil any of Rano’s plans.

In the room, Rishi used to be nonetheless in surprise as Tanuja kissed him. Tanuja places her hands round his neck and says she will take anything else from him, even his appreciate. After all she is his spouse. Rishi says she had by no means kissed him. Tanuja asks in point of fact, then asks if he didn’t like this. Rishi forbids her contact him to take away the kiss from his face. Tanuja asks if she will in reality kiss him throughout. Rano and Naitra open the window from out of doors and watch the romance. Rishi used to be not easy Tanuja kisses throughout. Naitra asks Rano the place the signature in all this drama is. Tanuja asks Rishi about what to name him, he says Janu. Rano tells Naitra first Rishi gets Tanuja in, then get the indicators and their assets returns to them. Bee ji hears the making plans, she thinks about going to some other window and warn Tanuja.
In the room, Tanuja runs playfully. Rishi runs at the back of her and scolds her to close up. She assists in keeping a finger over her lips. Rishi clarifies she is best operating and now not flying in any respect. Tanuja in spite of everything fell into his hands. Tanuja can now see a lot of Rishi’s in entrance of her. She shouts at him to peer obviously she is flying. Rishi warns she would fall off and pushes her into the mattress. The radio track performs without delay, Tanuja comes to bop with the track (Yeh Ishq Haye). Bee ji comes to seem inside of during the lock. She used to be fearful that Tanuja is absolutely under the influence of alcohol, she remains to observe her dance.
Rishi after all carries Tanuja to mattress. Bee ji watches the papers hidden in Rishi’s blouse. She is going to convey Raaj upstairs. Rishi asks Tanuja why she were dancing, she will have fallen. Tanuja shouts at him to not scream, Rishi scolds her for dancing this manner. Tanuja salutes him and guarantees to not dance once more. Rishi tells her to close up, she puts a finger over her lips and guarantees Rishi. Rishi tells her to put down and fell asleep. Tanuja lay beside him and closes her eyes. Rishi turns to go away however Tanuja drags his arms and lay over his arm. She takes his promise to by no means depart her it doesn’t matter what. Tanuja says regardless of how a lot she misbehaves, and despite the fact that she doesn’t pay attention to him; even then he will have to now not depart her. Rishi says he gained’t depart her despite the fact that she want for. Tanuja says thank you Mr. Husband and snores. Rishi smiles gazing her and caresse her face. Rishi want she wasn’t under the influence of alcohol, he want it intended just a little. For him, each and every of her approach so much and would by no means depart her.

PRECAP: Tanuja asks Rishi if she loves him for his cash or assets, she is able to signal all his papers in order that he involves know the way a lot she loves him. Rishi watches Tanuja intently.

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