Kasam 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Colors TV Kasam 21st March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Tanuja used to be surprised at Rishi’s act of striking the colour over her face. Chintoo involves take Tanuja play Holi with him. Rishi smiles gazing them play.

Naitra comes to tell Rano she has bribed a waiter to take the drink to Tanuja. Rano tells him to deliver the drink from a yellow pot within the kitchen.

Rishi pours water to Bee ji. She asks why Rishi used to be so cussed nowadays. Rishi asks Bee ji if she is under the influence of alcohol. Bee ji says it’s now not her mistake if anyone thinks she has sipped some, as the entirety is truthful in love, struggle and Holi. Tanuja comes at the back of them and takes Rishi’s glass of drink, sipping from it. Rishi used to be disposing of colour from Bee ji’s hair. Raaj calls Bee ji whilst Tanuja joins Rishi at the swing. Rishi asks if Tanuja didn’t get some other position in the entire lawn, she denies. Rishi says

alright, she is the landlord however he doesn’t need a controversy together with her these days. He watches the glass and asks if she sipped his drink and asks concerning the lipstick mark. Tanuja in flip inquires about it and reminds Rishi this glass and drink belongs to her, as it’s been purchased by way of her cash. Rishi gulps the entire drink and arms the glass to Tanuja. Tanuja laughs calling her husband because the sweetest of husbands. She spots the circle of relatives sitting in combination and walks against them. She wonders who’s the enemy on this circle of relatives and thinks the face would unveil after Poorab’s arrival lately. Poorab reaches the birthday celebration then. Tanuja watches him go searching then make a decision. She thinks he will have to be calling his helper, whoever leaves the tent will have to be his aide. She notices Rano getting a decision. A person involves hit Poorab who shouts at him. Bedi circle of relatives used to be enraged staring at Poorab. Tanuja regrets having ignored the risk and walks to Poorab. Bee ji tells everybody to snigger observing Poorab and now not wreck their moods.

Tanuja involves Poorab’s war of words and asks who invited him? Poorab says he doesn’t want someone’s invitation to return into his personal space. A woman comes to pray Tanuja as Nakul handiest advised her about his aunt. She insists on Tanuja to return and meet her circle of relatives. Tanuja tells Poorab to rejoice this Holi, after this he gained’t be value celebrating any. Poorab used to be fearful what will occur shortly. He once more makes a decision and asks the opposite individual the place to satisfy. Tanuja follows Poorab. Poorab used to be wary that Tanuja has stored an eye fixed over him. Raaj hears Tanuja and says he has talked to Rishi about Poorab, however Rishi’s center has already melted for Poorab. Rishi is able to give Poorab’s phase from the valuables. Tanuja says Poorab needs to wreck Rishi even after you have his assets percentage. Raaj used to be grateful for her. Bee ji comes there and hugs Tanuja pronouncing she now understands her. Bee ji is going to speak to Rishi. Tanuja stops Bee ji assuring she would explain her place to everybody as soon as they’re out of this drawback. Rishi is just right at center. Bee ji holds a situation to contain her in her suspense tale, she is in point of fact keen on journey. Raaj nods at Tanuja, the 3 provides a top 5 to one another.

Rano visit Naitra she would get the entire assets named after her as soon as Tanuja is under the influence of alcohol. The waiter takes the drink against Tanuja. Raaj asks Tanuja about Poorab’s whereabouts, he needs to peer the betrayer. Tanuja issues against the course. Bee ji is going with Raaj. Tanuja used to be frightened. She watches Rishi with some males, he issues his drink against Tanuja and notices her nervous.

Raaj and Bee ji enters the yard. Raaj says nobody’s right here.

The waiter brings a unique drink for Tanuja however she denies having it. The waiter insists this drink is particularly for many who get them organized on the birthday party. Rishi involves grasp the drink and gulp it. Rano sends Naitra to stay Rishi clear of the drink. Rishi tells Tanuja it used to be a revenge from her. Naitra comes to name Rishi. Rishi smiles against Tanuja pronouncing he’s handiest passing time and is going with Naitra. On an aspect, Rishi jerks Naitra’s hand and forbids her contact him once more or cling his hand. Naitra forbids him take the drink because it has Bhang. Rano comes to inform Rishi concerning the drink. She tells Rishi about two tactics Rishi has; one is Rishi’s love and different one is thru Bhang. Only this manner they may be able to get their assets again from Tanuja. Rishi used to be intrigued and says he would best get her liked. He used to be involved if that is an overdose for her, then takes the Bhang for her. He thinks when Tanuja had no cash she had love for him, he needs that love again. He smiles thoughtfully.

PRECAP: Poorab tells the individual to inquire how Tanuja were given the cash. She instructs to find who’s on Tanuja’s aspect and doesn’t need him to get the valuables. Tanuja overhears this.

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