Kasam 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Colors TV Kasam 20th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Tanuja hears Rishi and Manpreet speaking to one another within the room, Manpreet says he’s on Tanuja’s aspect and Rishi will have to additionally come for the birthday celebration. He tries to persuade Rishi pronouncing there are going to be in reality scorching chiks there. Rishi tells him to go away anyway and holds a hand. Tanuja turns round. Manpreet stops Tanuja and demanding situations her for bringing Rishi to the birthday celebration. He thinks now Tanuja will deliver Rishi out of doors anyway. Tanuja thinks Manpreet doesn’t know she needs to play her first Holi with Rishi best. She watches John taking colours downstairs and will get an concept.
Outside within the garden, Raaj and circle of relatives welcomes the visitors. Bee ji comes there interested by enjoying Holi. Divia comes operating as Chintu chases her, Nakul comes to pray Bee ji. Bee ji calls him fortunate and is going to get colours for Chintu. Chintu

spots a woman and is going against her. He needs her Holi and asks about her brother, pointing at a person. The woman says he’s her boyfriend. Nakul says their options are equivalent. He boasts he’s flirting together with her, and says he’s a decision clear of her. Manpreet stops Nakul’s means, Nakul tries to break out nonetheless Manpreet takes him. Ahana comes there and holds Manpreet’s ears for mischievousness. Manpreet takes a flee, and appears for Tanuja and Rishi.
In the room, Rishi used to be tapping a ball over the ground. Tanuja comes inside of indignant about his circle of relatives visitors, some man put colour over her face. Rishi smiles. Tanuja used to be disgusted that Rishi doesn’t care if a boy teased her and put colour over her face. Rishi confirms if he whistled, Tanuja says he sang an overly vulgar music and says ‘Baby ko bass pasand hai’. Rishi is going to take a category of the ones flirts and takes Tanuja alongside.
UV comes to place colour over Divia who used to be averting it. He teases Divia. Manpreet involves Bee ji and asks why she is disenchanted. Bee ji complains there is not any colour or water on this birthday celebration. Smiley comes convey chased via Chintu, Bee ji lets in Chintu to pour colour over Smiley. Bee ji asks Manpreet for Bhang. She calls for Manpreet pass get track performed, ‘Baby to bass pasand hai’. Bee ji and Manpreet dance in combination.
Raaj and Rano had hugged each and every different. Rishi involves the garden and is going enraged over Manpreet for enjoying this sort of vulgar music. He enters the garden and used to be surprised staring at Bee ji dancing. Tanuja had come at the back of with a plate stuffed with colour. Rishi wonders if it used to be Tanuja’s trick to name him to birthday party. Everyone is going to get colours to be poured over Rishi. Tanuja used to be the primary to throw the tray over Rishi. Bee ji and circle of relatives fill Rishi with colours. Rishi takes the water hose pointing it against Rishi. He watches her snigger enjoyably. Tanuja involves a realization, Rishi runs with the bucket of water at the back of her. Naitra comes between them wishing Rishi a Happy Holi. Tanuja turns round out of rage. Rishi needs her. Tanuja stood livid. Rishi turns to greet the circle of relatives. Tanuja used to be curt Rishi is enjoying Holi with everybody aside from her. Rano sends Naitra to take the Bhang for Tanuja. Naitra used to be mindful of Tanuja’s staring, she hates Naitra already. She tells Rano about her preparations for Tanuja.
Rishi involves confront Tanuja and pours a bucket stuffed with colour over her. He walks to Tanuja and says Rishi doesn’t depart any person so simply. Tanuja replies he didn’t take it but, she even put colour over him. Rishi holds her palms tightly and to Tanuja’s surprise rubs his face with Tanuja. He asks if he gained or now not? Tanuja used to be speechless. Rishi leaves smiling. Tanuja used to be left in disbelief.

PRECAP: Tanuja watches Poorab shifting against the birthday party. She thinks Poorab has referred to as soeone from the circle of relatives, whoever choices the decision is the only with him.

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